My exs friends

Haha its me from previous confession "pub toilet" we as i said before i recently broke up with my ex the p**** and weve been messaging harae words and such past week and he told me that he once f***** one my friends. soooo i got him back! i f***** two of his friends at the same time! both them always l*** after me for ages n so last night i watsapped them and before long i got tlking filth, they bunked off work and i bunked off college and while my parents were off at work they both come over, answerd the door to them in my dressing gown, left em in from room, went upstairs and got changed, stocking, suspenders, buster the lot(previously worn for my ex on valentines day) went into front room, closed curtains turned on lights, dropped my gown in front them, there eyes widened and told em "like what im wearing? last time i wore this scot only lasted 5mins, can you guys do better?" they litrally jumped me, i told em "i dont want to be made love to, i want to get f*****, proper f*****! dont hold back! treat me like your nasty w****!"
and they did! i was f***** so hard and sooo f****** good, deepthroated the pair of them, took both d**** bareback! took BOTH d**** in me at SAME time something id never done before! and both them each shot their load in my p**** bum and both in my mouth one being in the back my throat as his buddy f***** me raw in my bum! we vowed to keep it secret and even do it again, i hope so, that was earlyer on today and im even craving it now!

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  • Read your last post as well was amazing, also saw where you lived and I'm also in that area, any chance we can swap details and chat?

  • Local boy? how old r u?

  • Both f***** you at same time? was it dp?

  • Yea both my f**** and bum took d**** in them at same time xxx

  • Did you like it?

  • Yes!!!! alot

  • How many times u f*** them now?

  • We have all now f***** 3 times last time was best so far

  • Why was it the best?

  • I came the most and so so did they

  • Should have worn your leather like your last story

  • Well i did laat time i f***** them

  • What did you wear for them?

  • My leather skirt and jacket, although they didnt stay in for long

  • Describe everything your wore in detail please?

  • Ok, so i wore red hold ups with large wetlook band at top with a red silk suspender belt my buster also was red with white hearts on the cups, also killer red stiletoes

  • What stayed on?

  • Well the buster came off real quick, my hold up stayed on but they were ripped to shreds, and laddered by fingermarks, herls made it close to the end but after the pounding they gave me they eventally fell off

  • Damn! Sounds amazing!

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