Not Excited for New Baby

A cousin remarried last year and is now pregnant, the baby is due very soon. However, while the rest of my entire extended family, at least on that side, is excited about this, I am not. My cousin has already a ten year old son from her previous marriage, which ended badly (no domestic violence or anything like that, but still bad), and is so into this new husband that all the paintings in their living room and main hallway were replaced with canvas reprints of their wedding photos. Also a few years ago another cousin (other side of the family) divorced and remarried, had a baby with the new husband, and started to neglect her (much) older son from the previous marriage while doting on the baby she had with the man of her dreams. I fear the same scenario will present itself again and feel bad for the ten year old rather than excited for the new baby. Yet everyone expects me to get excited and keeps reminding me that the baby will be here soon.

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  • I understand I have relatives and a sister and friends like this and they are just b****** on heat like dogs, and men use them like dogs and the kids are dragged up in packs like dogs, be grateful your not part of it and be smart find a better guy and life. I am in my 40s and still no hubby or kids and all my rels have bubs and full of shovelshit nasty lifestylers I avoid. make way your own path separate and do not look after their kids ever and avoid them completely!

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