Baby at 46

My name is Kim and I am 46. I am going through a divorce and I am 5 months pregnant with my friends 22 year old son. I moved out of the house my husband and I rented into my friends home. My friend has three kids that still live at home. The oldest being the father of my unborn baby. 2 months ago i was age to get my own place witch couldn't have come sooner. I was starting to show and I really didn't want any one to know I am pregnant yet. I haven't told the father yet and I really haven't talked to them (the family i was staying with) Right now, I and planning on just being a single mother. I am also thinking about putting the baby up for adoption. Either way this baby is coming and I don'y know what to do

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  • A lot of people will love to adopt your baby and your ** life is on a good ride. be proud of who you are and what you got. I personally find pregnant womans extreamly hot. if you are up to it, you shoud start a ** carrer. with your actitud and sexyness you can have a great time. please let me know if you go that way, I'll love to see you on it!!!

  • Is it possible to reconcile with your husband, he may realize what a ** wife he has that can still attract a young mans attention. Many couples have babies knowing they have not been fathered by the husband and the husbands are proud of their wife's sexuality

  • Why not invite him over and show him your growing baby bump. Let him know you take full responsibility for it but you still have sexual feelings for him and would like him to visit keep pleasuring you throughout your pregnancy. This will be a great experience for a 22yr old to watch and caress your swollen belly and ** and unload his ** into your **.

  • Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the baby and hope you find more young lovers

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