Dirty Girl

I'm 16f and I'm sort of a really dirty and h**** girl. I want c***. I want it bad, but I'm a virgin. I like to watch p*** and get myself off watching different things. I like watching girl on girl, girl's getting ate out. I love watching girls getting penetrated. It makes me so h**** to see a guy get penetrated too. My most favorite is watching a girl squirt. Watching girl makes me want to eat p**** too. I also really want a c*** deep inside my p****. I'm so h****, but I'm also really bad.
I went through my dad's phone a couple weeks ago. I found nudes of both him and a woman he'd been texting. I sent them to myself and got off on them. I felt terrible and deleted them right away. Then I went through his stuff today after I heard him f****** last night. I found lube and condoms. He wasn't here so I poured some of his lube in a bottle and hid it in my room. I also took a condom and hid it in my stuff animal, I'm so weird.
I'm so dirty and I just don't know what to do. A couple months ago I found dirty underwear in his nightstand too. I'm h**** and I want to have a little fun myself, but knowing my dad is dirty too is weird.

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  • I like the way you talk and like the p*** you watch. I love making girls squirt. Email me hotchevy47@outlook.com

  • Ur not the only kinky one

  • Text me

  • U wants me

  • U want me

  • I wanna chat with you . connect with me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com
    <3 <3 <3

  • Leave her alone. She's only 16...

  • Hit me up :)

  • Your still young but its normal to feel so dirty and h****, as long as you take care of it, weather u think of you dad or some guy your talking to you should be ok. its normal to get yourself off a couple of days too, its healthy

  • Where do you live?

  • I live in Alaska.

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