Let prayer be your diary to god and jesus

Do you know that you have have 2 invisible diaries that go where ever you go?

their names are

god and jesus

talk to them every day and every night

confess everything even embarrassing experiences they are always listening

if you do not wanna confess around people who can hear
do it in private like i do

an earthy diary cannot hear you, but they can hear you. an earthy diary cannot answer you, but they can answer you. an earthy diary cannot save you from h*** but they can save you

before i became a christian i use to confess everything to diaries until one day it was stolen and my neighbors from georgia got all my confessions and disturbing fiction i was horrified but soon after that i discovered god and jesus and now i don't buy earthy diary's anymore or confess to them i confess everything ive done to god and his son during prayer and i ask their forgiveness

prayer is your diary and god is always listening

prayer is a much better diary because it cannot be stolen or read by other humans only god and jesus will know what you have done and your secrets will always remain secret

so go tell them everything that you have done

go tell them all of your regrets and problems and ask for their help

run to them now and ask forgiveness

The Cleansing Blood of Christ

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

you all have a savior

he is available to everyone

his name is jesus christ

he paid the price by dying for your sins

and if you follow his teachings, spread his word and let him be your everyday diary you belong to him

he is your best friend

talk to him like you do in your diaries and confess to him like you do in your diaries and end the prayer/confessions with i ask your forgiveness of doing, thinking and saying these thing in jesus name amen


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