The Perfect girl...

Have you ever met the perfect girl... Well I have she's so amazing everything about her I love. She is so great I want to tell her how I feel but I'm afraid of being turned down. I'm in love and it SUCKS! We date once a while back for a couple months and I was so happy but I being an idiot hung out with the wrong crowd and neglected her but I have new friends now and I'm doing better. Theres really only one thing holding me that is she has a boyfriend.... Some skater punk duachbag that does drugs. Like she doesn't even want him doing drugs but does she know that he does NO I know he does all the time but I'll never tell her because that would make her sad and i can't stand to see her sad and to see her with him some day i might confess how i feel to her or she might read and ask if i wrote it if she does ask i wrote I will just say i did and confess how i feel

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  • Sorry about my terrible grammer i have to look at my fingures to type.

  • If I were her, I want to know the truth before it's too late. U've gotta tell her that he's a drug addict. Dont let her fall for him deeper. if u love her, u wouldnt let her be with someone like that.

  • i read it like one humongous breath and i have a person like that except the guy doesnt do drug.. the girl i like,,, well i would die for her

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