I never desired to be a mother, I was married at the time. I didn't have a great experience when I was young with my own mother. I knew I had nothing worth passing along. I'm selfish with me, having to be responsible was like F*** really! I think I hate it more now that they're older, 21,20 and 11. My daughters make want to choke myself, and my son well f****** shoot me immediately. I say such hateful s***, like my mouth has ZERO filter. They want to have kids, and I'm like why?? My biggest pro me is I can't be me because I'm mean, as if I care. It's great to know I'm not the only one.

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  • Why have so many kids if you don't like parenthood? Sounds like some bad life choices and peer pressure to me. Don't punish the poor kids for your choices.....

  • Grunting out ONE kid this dumb sow didn't want was a bad life choice. Shoving out three more was just an extension of her obvious lack of intelligence. Hope the son does shoot her in her zero-filter mouth!

  • I get this! Been going through this since my kid was born. Motherhood/parenthood was never meant for me. I need freedom to function. Why did I do it? I was pressured by bastards who said they'd be there for me, got real f****** religious on me, then dissapeared. I blame myself for believing the crap they told me. I feel like I'm in prison. I'm living a life that isn't mine. I'm playing a role. I'm bummed out even more now, though. I was hoping all this would end once my child turned 18 or 20 and left home. But you've got two over the age of 18 and it doesn't sound like it gets any better. Say it ain't so?

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