I hate interracial couples..

I think black guys with white women is wrong, and, black chicks with white guys equally wrong.... Date and f*** in your own race, don't mix.. Same goes for white girls with peutro ricans....Damn, girls...They are not clean at all.. At least f*** a dude who uses soap!

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  • You appear to have issues! Focus on yourself, instead of projecting your self worth of rottenness, on others!!
    Your contaminating opinions, aren't welcomed!! Stick to wanking, to Black and interracial p*** in your parents grimey basement!!

  • Just a guess,I'm assuming you're from, the USA! Stop being racist!

  • So you think all white women are hot and sexy.
    Sorry man but most of the white women that actually date black African American men are overweight and unattractive and they are not of any interest to white men in general interest in marriage and real relationships with the white women that date black African American men.

  • Melanin is what determines skin color and eye color. Using your logic, blue-eyed people should date each other. Green-eyed people should keep to their own too, etcetera. Because color is so important.

    Racists are the scum of the earth.

  • DEEP DOWN: Only racists think this way.

  • Seems like a lot of work to keep all these people apart just to please you. Maybe they need to check with you to approve of their racial backgrounds before they hook up, what do you say? Because anyone in their right mind deeply cares about what you think about it. Plus, if he's like a light-skinned black guy whose mom was white and dad was black, and he's dating a girl whose grandmother was a Native American? Wait, here comes another couple! She's Irish and he's from Bulgaria! We'll need someone with the kind of keen insight to decide who's white enough, who's black enough, and... Yeah, you're a moron. It's easier just to keep your mouth shut and learn to like it, chump. Why do you care who dates whom? Why does anyone? I see two people together, and I don't care! Mind your own business. There's no part of your post that doesn't make you sound like an ignorant fool. I hope an interracial couple makes a PDA in front of you today just to make you all grumpy.

  • Here's the thing...You, and most people, SAY they don't care, because it's PC and safe to not be honest, but...Deep down, you, and most people, DO care and it does bother you to see interracial couples. Oh, you'll never say it in public or maybe even to friends, but, in your mind and heart..You know it's wrong. You'll just never say it.

    At least I have the guts to say what I think.

  • You’re too stupid to live

  • Don't speak on behalf, of the entire human race!! You don't have that power, control and privilege! You only have a right to verbalise your opinions. But that doesn't mean, your opinions are accurate.
    They're based on your ignorance!!

  • Love is the key!! It's liberating and lovely to see, loving couples together :-)

  • .....total agreement.........

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