Ok, before I start I’m a 12 year old “girl”, which acutely I kinda want to be a boy...I have already accepted myself as lesbian, but this transgender thing is so confusing! I only wear boy clothes, only like things that typically girls don’t like ya know, boyish things. I’m so confused. My grandmother is very religious, so she doesn’t believe in transgender people. I forgot to mention, she found out I cut and blamed it on my period, yeah, but in all seriousness, I want to cut myself, I want to be a boy. Im just filled with anxiety. I know I could never get a chest binder, knowing my families religious. Personally, I’m a atheist, all my family are christians. My mom’s basically schizophrenic, and had a mental breakdown at the store when I bought two button ups from the men’s section, then she tried to make me buy a blouse, which I personally find blouses to be disgusting. I just don’t know what to do...please can you guys help me?



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  • Wow these comments are disgusting. I hope you're able to see this, listen, you're not "too young" to know these things, and I'm sorry that you're struggling. Changing labels is completely okay too! When I was younger I felt really similar to you, now I'm a senior in highschool and I've come out to my friends, plan on getting top surgery someday, and I'm happier than I've ever been. I promise it gets better. Identity can be hard I know, but you will figure it out. My parents misgender me and refuse to accept who I am, but I'm going to move out soon so it won't matter. Even if your parents don't accept you, you will be able to live as yourself and be yourself soon enough. Stay strong, I'm so proud of you!

  • Thanks for this, I am now 13 and am still just as confused as I was then, but now I'm wondering if im non-binary. Thanks for being nice :)

  • I would f*** you so good you would NEVER want to be a boy, geez what a waste of 12 yr old p****

  • Death row is waiting for you 🙃 have a nice trip to h***

  • As long as I get to f**** 12 yr old first

  • I wear my brother's clothes, underpants and all. I'm in 8th grade and have a girlfriend who's in 6th grade and another girlfriend who's a junior in high school. I make out a lot with both of them.

  • Love to watch you girls licking p****

  • I'm just waiting for a toddler's first words to be "I'm non-binary." Look for different ways to up your status and appear special, dumb child. Find better uses for your underdeveloped brain.

  • I’m sorry I feel this way, if you don’t like seeing people talk about how they feel, ignore me. A******

  • You are in a difficult age right now and your emotions are all over the place. I am very sad that because of your "Christian" parents you have chosen not to believe in God. Christianity in its pure form is about love, compassion and grace...not a bunch of rules you must follow or else... One thing that you may not realize is that age 12 your brain is still developing and won't be fully developed until around 21, so you do not want to make any life altering decisions now. You want to be a boy...why. As a girl you can do almost all the things guys can do. So dont dress up in girly things. There is a reason that s** with minors is against the law...they cant think of all the consequences a sexual relationship might bring like becoming pregnant or getting STDs. Wait till at least 18 before attempting transgender surgery. Imagine the pain you might feel if you changed into a male now and then in your 20's you find realize that you really want to be female and raise a family but cant, because you made this decision to early in your life.

  • Good advice! Similar to what I was going to post and now I don't have to.

  • I feel for you. F***** up parents. My family is f***** too. My wife is a total control freak. I just do what she says even though she is abusing our daughter by controlling every aspect of her life including choosing what she is to wear.

  • Email me.

  • We'll be in touch soon. Sit tight.


  • Do you like boys or girls?

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