What should I do?

I just met a boy who is the same age as me and goes to a different. His sister goe to my school, the result of a divorce. Well this boy likes me and I kind if like him. The only problem is that I know one of his sister's friends likes him a lot. She and I are not close but we participate in plays and musicals together. I'm afraid of stepping on toes. Advice?

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  • Focus more on school and learn how to write properly in English.

  • fck him

  • Make the first move... I'm shy so I want my crush to make the first move... buuttt she has a bf. DANG IT!

  • Be the first to give him a b****** and you win.

  • If he has no interest in dating the other girl, I don't think you would be stepping on any toes. Do let him make the first move. It looks really desperate when a girl chases a boy.

  • She should make the first move. The other girl has an advantage by already being friends with the sister.

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