Splatted revenge

My ex-g/f Brittany paid me back for cheating on her. If you consider me performing a certain oral act on another guy, as cheating. I showed up at her apartment and Brittany and her friend Keira approached me. Kiera suddenly yanks my sweat pants down around my ankles, revealing my silk thong undies. I bent over to grab my pants and that is when Brittany pulls a huge creme pie from behind her back and quickly splats the pie in my face...very firmly. That sent me flying back right on my butt really hard. I was totally shocked and just sat there. Brittany and Keira gave each other a high five and then Keira grabbed my pants and pulled them off and they ran off. I got up, rubbed my sore butt and walked back to my car in my thong. I was so embarrassed.

May 16, 2016

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  • Lol! No s***, that's cheating. Glad she got her revenge. Coulda been worse. Just be glad she and her friend didn't jump you.

  • If giving slurp and gulp action on another guy is cheating. Then I have cheated on my girlfriend multiple times. YIKES, I hope she doesn't find out. -Barry

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