Girls ... why wont you like nice guys.??

My weakness is beautiful girls.. doesn't matter if they're only beautiful outside ... once im talking to beautiful girl i become the biggest r***** on earth ... i cant speak correctly... and ill do anything they ask me...i literally become their b****.... but what can i do ... im a strong believer in "not hittin girls"... if i ever do ..ill never forgive my self... i would consider my self as the biggest coward in this world...and never talk to a girl in my life...practically im the nicest guy to girls ...but still this isn't enough for girls...i've been nice to girls for most of my life and no girl want me as their bf...they just want me as their friend ...:(..basically ill never find the girl im lookin for in this world..the ones im looking for are just too damn scarse...

sorry for english structure... is so s***... i FAIL my ESL class.

Mar 28, 2012

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  • Well, I'm part goddess/ part underwear model, but I refuse to be seen with someone who can't put together a decent sentence in English. Totally DO NOT CARE if it isn't your first language. I'm ugly on the inside like that. Fortunately, there are plenty of h**** little yahoos like you who don't care about that "inner beauty" part, so I can pick the ones I like and treat the rest like dirt.

    Speaking of dirt, f*** off back to whatever poor shithole of a country you crawled out of and never breathe my nectar-sweet air again. Okay loser, buh bye ;)

  • Forgot to add ....I dont necessarily like only beautiful girls ...ill go out with any girl.. aslong she stays shape.. :) face is not everything :)

  • Well aren't you nice? You only want beautiful girls, even if they have zero personality. That means you're superficial, not nice... right? But that's just my opinion (is t valid since I'm an ugly person?), don't take it personally. Good luck!

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