I feel like an idiot because it happened to me once before

About a year ago I posted about some women taking money so that you could put your d*** through a glory hole and she would suck you off. She's a well-known prostitute who has s** with a lot of men.

This time she had the hole in her shed.

Ok the last time I did this was about a year and a half ago when I discovered it wasn't really her doing the sucking but her gay brother. It embarrassed the H*** out of me when he walked around the wall wiping my c** off of his mouth.

I told her this time that I didn't appreciate her playing that trick on me and that if it happened again I might just have to do something drastic to her.

She said "Oh no I won't do that again"

So she walks into the shed and from inside she tells me to stick my d*** in the hole.

I felt that familiar warm wetness and the tongue work and the lip smacking through the sheds thin walls.

I got into it and I really shot a load of s**** into her mouth.

Did I say her? Her fruitcake brother came out with a big grin on his face, looked at me and said AAAAH.

Ok I could kill this b**** who was laughing and pointing at me and me standing there feeling like an idiot.

She calmed me down by inviting me into her house where after a brief conversation and some making out I f***** the s*** out of her.

May 19, 2016

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  • You paid to get your c*** sucked and that's what you got? What's your problem

  • Why are you so gullible?

  • What difference does it make if it is male or female, d*** sucking is for gays anyway.

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