Cute sister and neighbor

It started when i was about 13 noticed my sis who's a year older would lay around half naked and i would have to try and cover myself so no one seen i was hard like that for the next few years,we got on great spoke about everything not long after i turned 16 she asked as you don't have a gf you must w*** off as i hear your bed squeaking at night what turns you on without thinking i told her i go behind the shed i spy on the neighbor through a hole, following day i came home she was outside chatting to the neighbor as i walked past the big t** neighbor said i put tape around that hole for you if you want to poke it through and they both burst out laughing when my sis came in she said the neighbor was going out in the back garden if you want to see i went out and my sis followed did tell her to go away there's bushes around the shed so you can't be seen and there chatting to eachother i bend down and can see her through the hole which looks bigger i stand up my sis tells the neighbor i think he's ready by the look at his shorts I didn't care that she was there i take everything off leaving just my trainer's on i hear my sis say f*** me get ready he's going to do it as I walked up to the fence i looked at my sis her eyes glued to my c*** she sits back on the window ledge that came out a bit showing her thighs off and bit of her knickers i slipped my c*** through the hole as the neighbor started to stroke me i couldn't look away from my sis who noticed i was looking between her legs comes over to me and whispered how about these on unbuttons her shirt to show some bra that's all it took i emptied my b****,when we got in to the house she said that was fast me and the neighbor never done it through the hole again but did sleep with her over the next 6 months and my sis and i didn't speak about it for 10 years untill 4 months ago when i was at her house and she mentioned remember when you seen my bra and c** hope it's got bigger we laughed it of but each time we seen each other she would bring it up so when she done it again we was in her kitchen i pulled it out that's definitely bigger i just stand there with it out as she gets close to me there's a different look in her eyes like she wanted it so I push her against the wall turned her around pulled down her jeans and knickers and f***** her hard each thrust making her moan grabbing her t*** i couldn't take it and shot my load as I pulled out she turns round her make-up is a mess and she grabs my c*** said she wants the last drop and sucks it,i can't stop it now.

Jan 8, 2020

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