Boyfriend snoring in my ear

So I can't sleep. My boyfriend snores very loud and talks in his sleep. One way I get sleepy and relaxed is c******. So I go to my new favorite site and I look up hardcore f***. I start to slowly caress my c*** as to not wake my boyfriend. I start to get more into it vigorously making circular motions with my fingers. Then, suddenly, he stops snoring. I put my phone down instantly thinking he is waking up from the bed jostling from the pleasure. In an instant he shouts "One, Two, Seventeen. Don't worry my man I got you!" To my delight he was just talking in his sleep. I use this new found time to my advantage and I c** nice and easy within the next few minutes. Should I feel guilty for pleasuring myself next to my sleeping partner? Bare in mind I couldn't wake him up its 330AM and he works in 3 hours. ????

May 20, 2016

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  • Earplugs lol try it

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