There is one thing that really turns me on

I have always wanted to be used and paid for s**, I'm not a prostitute or anything like that, just a normal girl, 21, student, blonde.

I just have this fantasy of being f***** hard over a table or a desk by an older man, and being treated like a s*** the whole time... The idea is getting me wet right now!

I guess I'm just weird!

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  • I will be illuminati and do anything to win $500 million. for sure. I will be good !

  • I have had this same fantasy for many years. I have been married for about 8 years and for the past 3 years I have had a few flings with other men for an extra thrill. Within the past year I have been seeing a guy that is turned on by the same things. He is a big black guy and he started sharing me with his friends. This turned in to him selling me to other black men because it gets him off. It has been a huge sexual thrill and I can't get enough.

  • You are not weird - or we are both - i am 21 and had the same and still have the same fetish... there is a "s***" part in it - and i assume who i am and there is a rational thinkings... at 15-16 i went through two love disappointments - one being the guy was abusive... Rationally i saw no point getting the pain of break up in situations where i am psychologically destroyed (against in some way giving my youth and my body to a guy) and knowing (yes it is true) older guys were willing to engage in just the s** v/s paying (instead of believing in love and getting abused)... it was a business transaction - no pain... and i have that part of me who keeps giving me pleasure from dirty/a bit over limit when it comes to s**... it was a choice... and i have to say for a while it paid for college, gave me a comfortable life and i was living my dirty fantasy (and s*** as i am - i pushed it but always got the right reward financially) and i found the "selling" myself gave me a huge turn on...

  • I am against all form of exploitation... I see this as my way of 1. deciding what i want to do with my body (i was discrete and did not have the pain of the s*** shaming) 2. no man can decide for me - i put boundaries and i set the money 3. it gives me pleasure as long as i pick the guy and 4. i know the risk... Did i get into difficult situation - yes - but i knew it could happen and was prepared (you have to be strong to make these choices) and f*** yes i took pleasure and money.... so don't feel bad about your own sexual emotions... some have to stay as fantasies (and it gives our own way of independence - well i - at least still for me i need c*** (yes!) - but our mind can take us to a lot of pleasure.... some can be lived... but it has to "planned"... some of them are impulsive - its not easy.... in some other s** encounters i made mistakes but learnt from it (sometimes the hard way) but i did find a man who lived his sexuality with the same philosophy and who took me to some fantasies in a safe environment (well he took both of us there) . So be proud - u different (and ppl hate difference) you have more than others and pleasure is also a reward in life (not just money)

  • Oh and watch out for agencies - it can (often) be a form of exploitation... there are different alternatives - its part of thinking though it....

  • I will pay you to bend over so I can f*** you

  • Easily rectified. Join an escort agency for one day, one booking, and fulfill your fantasy

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