Size didn't use to matter

I'm a 35 year old married woman. I work out 4 times a week to keep in shape and looking good. I used to subscribe to the theory that size didn't matter. It was what you did with it that counts.

My husband is average length. Like 5.5 inches hard. 2 inches soft. He likes it doggystyle cause he can get in their good. I like to ride but usually can't because he comes out.

A couple months ago, I cheated on him with someone from work. I'm relatively flirty at work. Most of the time it's just meaningless. I actually like having eyes on my body and guys talking about how they want to f*** me. Well, one day I was walking to my car after work and one of the guys said, "Girl, you ever get single and I would love to have you over at my place after work." I flirted back and said, "Why do I have to be single?" He said, "Don't play like that." I said, "Who's playing?" He said, "You're serious?" I said, "Dead serious. Got an hour or so before I have to be at home. Want me to follow you?"

Went to his place. He undressed me and said, "Damn. You look even better naked." He took off his shirt. He has the arms, pecs and six pack I wished I had at home. I undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to the floor. Unlike my husband, jake has a show-er. Probably 7 inches soft and thick.

I got on my knees and sucked him hard. Didn't take long to get him hard. After a few minutes, he picked me up and put me on his bed and started eating my p****. I admit that I don't shave down there. I just never saw the point to shave it all off and look like a 10 year old. Jake liked it. He made me c** very fast. Then I asked him to lay on the bed. I got on him reverse cowgirl and rode his long d***. I was definitely missing out with my husband. Bigger is so much better.

I layed back against him. He f***** me and I strummed my c*** to another o*****. Then he put me on my hands and knees and f***** me doggystyle. O***** number three came. Then he came inside me.

Afterwards I needed a minute. I hadn't been f***** like that. My legs were weak. Something I very much enjoyed and will be back for

May 22, 2016

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  • A big one hits all the right spots.

  • Nothing wrong with wanted a larger p****. Five inches is not exciting.

  • That just broke me, 5 is all I have

  • B_a_s_t_a_r_d_s like you that feel dames are emancipated & allegedly "equal" are part of the psychological mindset that features men as righteous in beating their mates for say, talking back or sassy mouthed. Stories like yours only serve to feed the hostility of dames' being sexist toward men in general & telling them they're inadequate. Keep it up until you personally find yourselves at the business end of a buggy whip. Won't be my fault.

  • I love fvucking married women,especially white ones

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