Like It Rough

My boyfriend is too gentle. He knows that I'm into some of the kinky stuff, like I have a fantasy about being tied or handcuffed to the bed and f***** hard. So he knows that and I moan a lot when he kisses me all rough and I like being spanked. I know I'm weird, but I like it. It gets me hot and even if he starts with rough it always ends in sweet and I don't wanna be in control. I want a guy to grab me and kiss me and hold me down and I want the s** to be hard. I've never had an o***** and last time I was on top and he came too fast. I like that he's sweet,really and it's not like I wanna be whipped or something. I have a thing for the hot bad boy type who will just initiate and f*** me til I scream, just the thought makes me wet and I can't tell him this stuff,I've tried but if I can't keep talking about it,I'm too afraid to. I don't think I'll ever find a guy to do it though. I know I'm only a teenager and I should be good and want it all gentle but I don't get off on that. UGH it sucks and I don't wanna be mean to him and he already says it turns him on more when I'm in control but he gets an o***** on just about every date and lately when I see his face all in pleasure cause I blew him or gave him a hand job or we f***** I sometimes get upset cause I've never gotten that,I don't take it out on him but I want to be f***** the way I wanna be f*****, and he can't make me c** other ways either and F*** I just wanna feel a really f****** intense pleasure that he gets to feel and can't he just do what I'm pretty sure he knows I want, he gets off every time and I've let him do whatever he wanted can't he return the favor just once!?

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  • He's just doing what he is made to believe by the media and women in general. Women always talk about their knights in shining armour, their nice guys etc. So if you're looking for someone to blame here, it's WOMEN.

    Having said that, it's possible to have a nice guy that will f*** you hard. But you have to break through his barrier of falsely-implanted-by-women info, and that takes some effort and perhaps shouting. Don't just talk to him, but TELL him, stress that you want it. Use the words "I want you to F*** me". Don't say "make love to me hard". Use hard language. You may well get the message through to him. Explain to him that it doesn't mean he's treating you badly, but that he's doing you a favor!

  • Sounds like he's a bit selfish, even if he is sweet. a comparison test. Find an older guy, probably in a leather jacket and riding a Harley. Offer yourself up and see if you really want what you wish for. Sweet boy might look good after that.


  • that's total bullshit what that other poster wrote. there are men who will love you AND f*** you good and hard like you want. If your guy doesn't try to please you, he's a LOSER ! DUMP his ass, you're young and you WILL find someone better who cares about your pleasure too !

  • Let me give you an advice. There are alot of girls out there wish they have a boy who respect them in life and I know what you want is nothing too bad or too far but believe me if a guy respects you in real life he can't become an animal in s**. Those are called pedophiles or rapists who would f*** you hard until you scream. I know you just want it your way but I would say just keep your sweethear guy and enjoy it as much as you can because there are alot of girls out there who don't have that.

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