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UPDATE Aug 20,2016:

We asked, and you reponded. You gave us some great suggestions and we've already implemented some of them into the upcoming update which will include a revamped but familiar commenting system which will handle comments with lots of replies much better than it does now.

UPDATE Sept 20, 2016:

ConfessionPost is now secured with all parts of the site running over HTTPS.

Posts and comments now show aproximatly how old they are.

Editing comments has been fixed (you can edit comments if you created them while logged into an account).

Posts can now be up to 10,000 characters long (previously 5,000).

Next Update
Revamped commenting system
Much faster loading of posts with lots of comments
Emojis! You'll be able to put emojis in the body of posts (not the titles though) and in comments

Further Out
View counters on posts
Account profile page showing all your posts and comments

Possible Additions (let us know if you want them!)
Edit or delete posts without creating an account
Follow any post to get email notifications when new comments are added
Polls - Create a custom poll as part of your confession to see what others think

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  • I love smelling my daughter little panties

  • I agree with having a profile where you can see your posts and comments etc.
    Also a way to PM other users

  • Less pervy weirdo stories, unless they are funny as h***!

  • The submissions are losing their paragraph formatting when published. Submissions that had paragraphs are posting as giant blobs of text. It'd be cool if you fixed this.

  • An adult themed gallery for readers to upload some photos/video's. Maybe an idea for this site ?

  • Have a profile where you can view all your confessions, posts, people's comments etc.

  • 8. Some of the posts or comments are disgusting or boring or funny or aren't cool, would be nice to have more options than the "love" and "Report".

  • The entire site, while dealing with the most intimate of topics, has a laughably prudish tone due to your silly insistence on censoring explicit words. Either you must acknowledge the way real people actually talk, or do as search engines do and have a "safe" mode for the squeamish.

  • 1. Have a "Popular" posts page and see all posts sorted by popularity, or a certain number of top popular posts.
    2. Timestamps on posts and comments.
    3. Ability to add posts to tags, and clicking on a tag will perform a search of posts with that tag.
    4. Allowing uploading photos would be okay if formatted nicely, otherwise it'll could potentially junk up a page and make the site look messy like Twitter.
    5. Have "share" links so that visitors can embed or share posts on social media.
    6. Maybe have a Facebook "Like" link on posts.
    7. Maybe have view counters on posts.

  • This is pretty fair web-site and that's why I like coming here. However, the bot that you use to censor bad language needs to go. For example, about a week ago I made a confession using the relatively benign words "lesbian" and "crap". Those words were censored seriously watering down the point that I was trying to make. But today I was reading a post where a girl was talking about a "fuckboy" and that word wasn't censored even though it was much more vulgar than any of the language I had used. This bot doesn't work properly and it should be gotten rid of. Also, it would be nice if both the confessions and the comments were dated.

  • Put posts up faster. They take ages

  • The ability to request your post be deleted

  • Emoji's and a section where all the posts I've made are together so I don't have to go searching for them to see the replys

  • Sometimes after writing a heartfelt answer to a person on this website and pressing "post," it doesn't work! This is very frustrating. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks.

  • A "universal" chat room?

  • Make interracial tags

  • Be able to get in touch with other 's who wear knickers/panties show pictures
    And exchange emails

  • Ability for posters to upload pictures/videos

  • Love it but an uncensor button would rock

  • Instantly appear with flagging system

  • Someone else mentioned the censoring of words should be removed. Most are adults here, and if there are young people - pretty sure it's not going to be the first time they have seen a curse word. But it's strange that even the word "w.o.r.d." is actually censored. Why? I put periods inbetween hoping that it doesn't censor it.

  • Pictures,be able to leave number of text or call.

  • No more automatic logouts when navigating to a new page.

  • It would be really nice , and a kudos for you guys if you had an all adult section , and allowed e-mails address for those who wanted to chat on a more private level . just saying . I think your sight is going to go places.

  • I'd like to be able to add a picture for a pic says a thousand words so to speak. Date and time would also be nice for when the post is and the replies. The thing that mostly bothers me is the censorship of certain words for at times it is awfully hard to make out what the exact word is meant to be.

  • Yea having the ability to upload a picture would be good, defo on the comments section

  • All of the bellow, would like to be able to add pictures, not p*** but a picture says a thousand words, in the main confess and comments

  • Stop censoring words. It's really annoying. I like the date/time stamp, view counter idea. Posting a comment is sometimes impossible. Hitting the post button doesn't do anything.

  • I wouldn't mind it if they had a teen and adult section. Its kind of hard to know the kind of situation if it's an adult matter or a teen matter, then both groups can talk with eachother

  • An adult section would be a kudos + for you guys, and allowed e-mails for communication with others on here if they wanted more private chat .

  • I agree with most of the pointers in the first comment (at the bottom). A lot of times when I'm trying to post a comment nothing happens, no matter how many times I click the post button or refresh the page. Time and date stamps would also be nice.

  • Oh, and I almost forgot, the search function is worthless!

  • I don't like the fact that we don't have a date and time stamp on the messages,the views counter went away,most of the time its hard to post replies because the site seems frozen,at times it duplicates the same message a few times, even when the post button is pressed only once. It takes too long to get a new post uploaded,most sites are instant.Searching for older posts is not as easy.

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