Im 13 years old and I have had an instagram account for about a year. 3 years ago my father left me and moved across the world although he still does visit. Last year, I moved to a new state and a new school. It was very h****** me and I cried every night for about 3 months until I finally started to make some friends. Over the summer, I felt as if all of my friends didn't like me (which made me frustrated). I have no excuse for what I did and I know it. About a week ago I created a new instagram account and would post pictures of people in my grade and would talk about them. Although my intention wasn't to be rude I guess I came off that way because everybody got mad at me. Then i got defensive and it all got out of hand. I deleted all of my comments and deleted the account. People began accusing each other of being the anonymous account which got the older siblings involved and now the parents. Some people had snapshotted the posts and showed their parents. Now one girls mom is goin to hire an investigator to try to figure out who posted the posts. Please I need advice. If I say who I am now everybody will hate me and I can't take that. I know I've done wrong and don't know what to do. Sometimes when u r online it doesn't even feel like its u saying everything. I know I did wrong but plz give me advice on what I should do!!

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  • Unless you were making threats or posting "hate speech," I would not worry. Besides, since you deleted the account, there is nothing a private investigator could do anyways. Law enforcement would have to get involved to retrieve the deleted account information.

  • It was free did nothing wrong...carry a copy of the US constitution around with you....wave it in their face if anyone accuses you...also, you can claim that you are a underground celebrity newspaper reporter...carry around some fake reporter credentials...IF you lied about anyone, like said they were drunk and they were not, then you might be liable for slander...but, NEVER ADMIT ANYTHING...chances are, no one will ever know...also, you might consider a writing a movie script about this whole out of control situation...I smell a blockbuster.

  • I read the first sentence of that previous comment and had to reply:

    Praying will not get you anywhere. God will not help. What will help is deleting as much evidence as you can and staying under the radar. If they find you, though, you cannot get in that much trouble because you're a minor. Don't worry. Don't pray. Just stay cool.

  • Well, first pray to God to help you. He will help you through it. I would just keep quiet about it for now if anyone confronts you about it say that maybe its someone that doesn't even go to your school. And if you get confronted by an adult saying they have proof then confess to it and say you didn't mean any harm and apologize. And whatever happens is meant to happen =) I really wanna know how it turns out so leave your Facebook profile name or something please if you don't wanna I understand. And in case you were wondering I'm a 15 year old guy going into tenth grade not some adult giving you advice I promise. So I hope everything goes good have a great life Gid bless you.

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