Seeing clearly .

I have posted and replied to other people's posts on this site . Mostly I have been very racist . I'm white and my own posts and my replies to the posts of other people whenever the subject of race was involved have always been very hateful and hurtful . Also my posts were always arrogant and condescending . I apologize to everyone I have insulted on this site . I want to change my ways . I don't want to be the person I was from now on .



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  • This is one way to learn ...

  • Stay racist.

  • It’s always great to hear someone acknowledge and hold themselves accountable. Cheers to you and your new found self.

  • L

  • Good for you! If you can figure out what made you change please let other people know. Maybe they can change for the better.

  • You actually believe this? Gullible.

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