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I feel the need to post my secrets on multiple anonymous confession sites like this one. What I really want is someone to read them and genuinely comment, not just mock. I want human interaction. So please, be considerate and make genuine comments on others' posts, don't just insult.

May 14, 2014

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  • When people use things like this to genuinely attempt to reach out to others, rather than scream for just plain attention or validation, that's what the internet was originally meant to be used for. If you can't tell the difference between "reaching out" and "pay attention to/ validate me", you're too emotionally immature to cope and deserve to be mocked.

  • Feel free to email me at if you want to confess something. We may have the same problems. lol
    You've got me curious.

  • If used properly and honestly, sites like this can be helpful. It's cheaper than therapy, gives an outlet, and provides a decent forum for discussion. Just have to weed out the idiots.

  • I agree, for the most part, I read what the person puts and then think before I reply and if I feel that what I have to say is something the person needs to hear then I will post it but most of my comments go unposted, either because I feel they are not enough or because someone else has already said what I needed to say.

  • People who didn't grow up before the age of the internet sometimes forget that there is a human being behind the screen writing the words they are reading. A human being with feelings. But let me ask you, why do you post your secrets on anonymous online sites instead of trying to talk to someone face to face in real life? That's really what you want, right? Someone to interact with you who can see your face and give you a hug.

  • Not OP: I think anonymous posting is a great way to get stuff off your chest without having to worry about anyone you talk to everyday knowing about it. I've noticed that the one who judge you the most are family and friends and sometimes you just want to let go without having the added pressures of fear that you're being talked about to everyone. I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting someone to hug you, but why do you need to bare all of your secrets for that one hug?

  • I meant that the OP probably craves genuine human interaction. Posting anonymously online is not true interaction (ie getting a hug) because you have no idea who the person responding is.

  • Dont have anything to comment bt yes,,here i am a human for interaction :p

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