I want my cousin soo bad

So ever since I've been about 9 my cousin always interested me, it started off slow, me wanting to play doctor with her or trying to see her nude. Later on I started discovering other things from her. I would often semll her panties and wear them. One day I went to her cottage, we we're stuck in the trailer as it was raining. We we're alone so I decided to make a move on her, I shoved my fe in her huge ass I loved it and she didn't even mind. Things kept on escalating, I started spying on her, trying to see her nude. Once I managed to see her p**** it was quite nice! Then this easter, my family decided to spend it all together, luckily I got a bed with her and we we're alone idk if she was awake or not but I started grabing her ass and I grinded my c*** on it, I pulled down her pants and played with her p****. Till this day I dream of that awesome moment.

May 24, 2016

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  • Started my cousin when she was 2 her p**** felt so nice and her mouth was real soft

  • How were you able to fit? In her p****, not her mouth, obviously. Asking for a friend...

  • You have to really lube a girl that young up, but beware it's gonna be the tightest s***** you ever f*****

  • Coconut oil works best. I prefer girls 5 or older for just that reason though, their vaginas really open up around that age. God i wish my wife wasn't home right now. My daughter and i could be bonding.

  • You kids are cool for writing your adventures on this forum. It serves as a candid update.

  • I have a cousin I've always wanted to f***. Her mom once suggested that if we weren't cousins, she would love me as a son-in-law. I didn't disagree. I still wish to this day for a relationship with her.

  • Sounds like her mom was hinting that y'all should be together

  • Omg :0 i also once saw my cousin naked

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