White female instead.

I kind of wish I was white. I'm a black female. I just have this feeling that if I were white.my life would be a little better in some aspects. I do NOT hate black people, I just hate myself. Does that even make sense?

May 25, 2016

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  • Hmm.
    Well, I wish I was black, so I could claim nothing is ever my fault and every single white person "owes me" in perpetuity.
    I wish I was naturally some bony little b**** so that stupid guys who think with their d**** would pay my way through life just for a chance to see my boobage.
    I wish I was a Millennial so I could be convinced that my generation is the first one to ever have difficulty making it in a cold overpopulated world, while still sponging off my parents in my 30s and taking jobs from actual qualified people just by jiggling my t*** at the interviewer. And if that didn't work, I could run crying to Facebook about how threatened and suicidal I now feel.
    I wish I was a lot dumber so that I could dismiss everyone rolling their eyes right now as being "just jealous :)" (Yall might be dumb, but you aren't jealous)
    I wish for a lot of things that would make my life easier. EVERYONE has a list like that.
    But thanks for continuing to make everything about skin color, OP. That's really moving the dialogue forward for the betterment of all.

  • Funny how this has no responses, its great when stupid ppl finally stfu xD

  • I understand. I also believe my life would be easier, if I was caucasian. However, I still love my race and ethnicity. If I could change it, I wouldn't.
    I love myself as an individual, as a human being, as a woman, as a person with core values and a strong sense of self-worth.

    Empower yourself woman, change and improve area's of your life, that you can change. Your skin colour, is something you can't. Not unless you bleach it. However, you'll still be a black person, as you were born that race.

  • I wish our world wasn't governed by, corrupt individuals!
    But that isn't going to happen!!
    Get over yourself already!

  • It does.I feel sorry for you; because your race /ethnicity is one thing,
    a person can't change.You could bleach your skin and do a Michael Jackson.But you'll always be a Black person,regardless.

    I think you need to work on your self worth and healing.Improve on your overall attitude and outlook on life.Look within yourself.

    I wish you good luck

  • First, you fail to reveal what country you're in. IF you are in the u.s., you make complete sense. Furthermore, DISREGARD & DISMISS what these fool liberaals are trying to idealize for you. It's inaccurate. The main metaphor I derive for you being born a ni_g_g_er is that it is like trying to adjust to being left handed when we live in a right handed world.

  • :( Empower yourself girl. You are valued. Black is beautiful.

  • Black is a skin color, just like all the other ones. Quit white knighting stupid mouthy people who will never take responsibility for their own $hitty actions

  • I know how you feel. I actually come from a town where some people are insulted for being white. I have a friend that would introduce me to all of his friends saying "this is ___________ a white person". Most of my friends are of a different ethnicity but I've always liked them for who they are. I have always found my friends' culture, whether African or Asian, to be unique. Its what makes them special in their lives. So to answer your question to an extent, is it all fun and games being white? Not necessarily. Have those people learn more about you, and if they refuse, go find someone else. While I recommend getting help from a professional, I ask you to read my words as support. And one last thing, you are worth it. Don't let the world around you say who you are, because you are perfect.

  • My two cents............either your upbringing, your current relationship(s) or your current environment -- or all of those -- have conspired to make you question your personal worth, and your place in the world. It's a fact -- an absolute FACT -- that you are valuable and have an important place here, and should not be hated by anyone, but especially not yourself. You may not see or know those things right now, but over time, you will. It will seem to you like you don't need any professional help to get from this insecure (or negative) point to that much better (or positive) point, but I think it would be beneficial, if for nothing more than helping you to shape your perspective on yourself and how (and where) you fit in. A good counselor or therapist could do wonders for you, and probably in a very short period of time. It sounds to me like you just need a little clarity, and not a major overhaul. I think you will eventually be fine no matter what you do, but seeking the help of a professional will likely get you there more quickly and more smoothly. I wish you only good.

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