Lazy brat stepson

I can't stand 2 of my step kids. Their dad an I have been married for 3 years and together for 6. The oldest are 16 and 14. Their mother is a total sociopath and tells the kids lies about their father.
Coming to our home is like summer camp for them. My husband doesn't make them clean, do chores, have bed time.
One of them got a hold of our Netflix password so I changed its. The oldest wanted to know why, so my husband make a lame excuse instead of telling him it's NOT ok to watch at his mothers house.
I feel like these kids have no respect for my stuff , in MY house and treats their dad like crap.
They never call him unless they want something, he is never told of special school event and then blamed for not caring.
This has even affected my health.
I know.... Not my kids let it go! And I knew what I was getting into.
needless to say I will keep changing passwords as long as I need to...little soul suckers.

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  • You sound like a b****, I have a stepmother who is like you and I make her life a h*** because she is a f****** mooch

  • First, if your husband wants to know about social activities he needs to get involved in their lives or actually ask the school and their teachers. I don't know many kids who remember to show things to parents without some prompting. So you can't blame that on kids. Also, can you imagine having a mother who is a sociopath? Those kids have probably developed some fun habits just survive the household. Then add in a divorce and a hand off father.. Really.. you want them to be any different? They have no other role models or even as the commenter said below STRUCTURE. Think things need to change in your household and you have to get your husband on board. If he feels guilt or whatever about the divorce, he is doing more harm than good. How do you change.. when the kids come over say we are going to do some things differently around here. We are going to have chores and rewards. Maybe it's some one on one time with their dad. Maybe it's one on with with you.. because you are still an important role model to them. You are going to show them consistency, routine, commitment. You and their father will also teach them about healthy relationships and communication. Talk to a therapist if you need more help, ideas or putting an action plan together. Stop putting this off.. the older kids are going to be going to college soon, but the younger ones could really use this..

  • Kids need structure and consistency- you set yourselves up for laziness when you don't include them in helping. Recommend the dad be a FATHER not a fair-weather friend. If you are smart you'll keep your negative comments to yourself.

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