Boarding School so I can get a break

I love my kids but I hate being a mother. My "spouse" is never around and he leaves me by myself with the kids all the time. I'm not a person anymore. I'm just the person who is always with the kids and never has a babysitter. I thought we were in this together and he always has an excuse for why he can't do more with the kids. I literally want to send them abroad to boarding school until they're 18. I want my life back. I was all for having a family but I wanted a partner to do it with me. He's not even around for family functions. I did not consent to to this by myself. We have been together for 10yrs and this is what I get. Why am I the one having a mental breakdown when he gets to do as he pleases and live his life without regard to our kids? I want a divorce & kids shipped off to boarding school ASAP.

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  • Boo hoo. buyer's regret. nobody held a gun to your head to make babies on an overcrowded world.

  • ^THIS. Any brood sow who whines about how it's so haaaard raising fvck trophies the world doesn't need ought to be shot in both ovaries... and then in her wide-open mouth.

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