Revenge on step kids

I know the title sounds harsh but I am pushed to my limits with my teen step kids. They act entitled, lie, lazy, sometimes steal.
I would love to set them up for a fall so they learn something about "do unto others".
I don't want to hurt them!!! I just need ideas on ways to get them to see how they are hurting their dad with the way they manipulate him.

May 27, 2016

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  • Sadly, it's how almost all kids are today. My niece and nephew are the same, if not worse. Push my sister to the limit, and I, personally, have little patience for either of them. Know it's bad to say, but, there are times I honestly hate both of them and want to take control with a swift smack to both of their faces.

  • I understand what you're trying to accomplish, but the lesson may not be learned unless it actually comes from their dad. And him giving into them or standing up to them, he may just want to see them instead of stirring the pot. And you don't say anything about if his divorce with his ex wife was amicable? Or were you the other woman...etc. They act that way because they are p***** off. How old are they? And has your husband ever had a talk with them or punished them? Because that may be where you start.

  • You should of called it life lessons not REVENGE - you're scary! Their his kids mind your business! Don't p*** off their mother either - cause if you did some f'd up s*** to my kid, I'd f*** you up!

  • Idiotic b****! She cant just mind her own business cause those little f****** are in HER house, she has all the f****** rights. Im so sick of people like you, maybe you' all people can teach your own kids some manners and respect that way there's no step mama that struggles to their step kids that's not even their OWN!!!!!!

  • Oh, shut up.

    If these stepkids got into a major accident, would you try to bully OP into minding her own business? No, because breeder-tards like you only want The Village to step up when it suits you and your spawn. Not when the "angels" require discipline or a reminder of boundaries.

    Also, learn a little basic English.

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