I AM doing it again

Hey my previous confession is

shall i do it again?

just looking for ideas and advice

Ok so guys? i have a chance to do it again, bank holiday monday my bf is working away, and i have the house all to myself, i have been speaking to the origanal guy and he wants to come visit me again, he said its my choice, hes offered just himself, or him and the same two guys who f***** me before, OR him, the two others AND two others!! that be 5 black guys! i dont know which i should do?

also if i do, any surgestions on what i should wear, he wants me to dress slutty again and wants me to dress even more like a w****

and anything else you guys think i should do or try to make this more amazing?

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  • Well what happened!? :)

  • I have wrote a confession, u will just have to wait till its been accepted and have a good read! lol

  • What's the name of the confession? :)

  • I did it again

  • Hey guys thanks for the ideas,
    its all arranged now, bf leaves at 5.30am and my 5 black studs are turning up about 9.30am, i am so nervious im actually shaking, so excited and nervious at same time, bf is even staying away the night now so no chance him coming home early so i can f*** till im sore, no time limit.

    iv been shopping like i said, got myself some killer long boots that go way over my knees, a cupless latex corset that came with fishnets i can clip on, latex thong that wont be staying on long and a collar with the words BAD B**** on it,

    cant wait till tomorrow but i am so nervious, hope i can sleep, as im going to need to

  • I want to hear all about it please, every detail as this sounds so hot and I wish I could be there to watch and participate x

  • Are u black?

  • I'm sitting here on my lunch thinking about what's happening to you x

  • Did u enjoy reading it?

  • Oh u had no idea......yet

  • Be sure to call them the n word

  • I did, too many times

  • Ok guys, im going shopping tomorrow, for something sexy and slutty! any ideas?

    also any other ideas on what i should let them do to me? where should i insist they c**? i wana be as dirty as i can and really enjoy myself

  • Dress your w**** ass in leather like a true bbc w****

  • Didnt fancy leather, have got latex though

  • You should wear something you origenly brought for your bf

  • No i did that last time

  • You should take on all 5 and have big black g*******. have them all c** in your mouth and dont swallow till the last load

  • Hot idea,

  • Speakin as a fellow black man, i loved a white girl in black shiney gear so maybe something in latex? absolutly get yourself new set f*** f*** me boots or heels and leave them on throughout

  • Definitely do it. I would even ask if he has any MORE friends he could bring. ;)

  • What about a bakers dozen?

  • Whats that?

  • A baker dozen is 13, how does 13 black c**** sound?

  • Ouch, i think i will stay with just 5

  • I have already agreed, i want all 5 of them

  • Dont do it at all. Respect yourself and just breakup with your boyfriend if you want to be with other people.

  • How is not respecting herself bu going ahead with it, shes already said shes only done it once before and that was years ago? let her blow off some steam and enjoy herself we only live once, yes if she keeps doing it then she should break up with her boyfriend, but if this is just a one off i say do it and enjoy it

  • I only plan to do it this once, i love my bf and once this is done i dont rhink id want anymore

  • You will do it again

  • Get it video recorded too so when you begin to crave them again as they leave you can just get off to it whenever you need

  • That is a hot idea! and i like it! just if i did i dont want them to know as i dont want them to record it on their phones, also 1 problem? i dont know which room we will end up in

  • You should do all 5 of them in my opinion. It'll be a little awkward but I can picture you with 2 big black c**** in your p**** at the same time stretching you open, one in your ass and the other two being sucked on by you, alternating from one to the other then having your mouth full of both if you can manage.

    I would bet you would look good in lingerie, and a set of leather cuffs on your wrists, ankles and a collar xx

  • Oh i want to be pushed to my limits, not so keen on have two d**** in my p**** and have no idea how two d**** in my p**** and another in my a*** would work???? but i will defo try get two in my mouth, bf always says i have a big mouth.

    dont own any leather cuffs or a collar, what sort of lingerie should i wear?

  • Corset or basque fishnet stockings a sexy bra.
    One guy under you, the other over you and the third guy would need to lean in behind the guy over you and should have the longer c***.
    Pity you don't have leather cuffs I bet you would look amazing on your knees bent over so your heads on the bed/floor/guys lap, with c*** stuffed down your throat, hands cuffed behind you and knees spread apart showing all your beautiful glory of you p**** dripping down your thighs as you get c*** after c*** stuffed into your p**** having each one unload stream after stream
    Of hot c** deep in you and watch it run out before being taken again and again. ??

  • Oh it happened baby! keep your comments coming and wait for the confession to be posted

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