Marriage woes

It's getting to be impossible to talk to my wife. We have been having problems and she says she wants to have experiences outside of our marriage but she know for sure that she wants to be with me for the rest of her life. At the beginning of the year I put my better judgement aside and agreed to an open marriage and she has made out with a few guys but over this last weekend we went out for my birthday and I caught her texting on of the guys she made out with and got mad and finally gave into myself and told her that it is my time to be selfish and think for myself for once and that I'm not okay with the way things are and open marriage is over. If she wants to go to other guys then to get a divorce. I'm tired of being the fall back reliable guy who will always be there for her. It disrespectful to me and to our relationship. I feel like I am the one wanting the divorce but I don't. I love her I just want that same love reciprocated back to me.

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  • It sounds like you both want different things. Believe it or not, there are some women (and many men as well) who like having more than one partner. If you can't give her that, and she would be unhappy without an open relationship, then I say get a divorce and find someone who wants a monogamous relationship like you do.

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