I did it again

Hey all, so today came and happened, (previous confessions) im the "w****" who just had 5 black guys f*** me, so i guess you all wana know what happened? well i cant put everything down but feel free to ask any question youd like, so i guess ill start at the beginning, so bf left and i got myself ready, showerd, shaved my p**** bare, straightend my hair, put on my make up on, and dressed up in my new latex cupless corset, clipped my fishnets on, stuck on my collar as requested and zipped up my new boots, i was ready for about 5mins before i hears the car outside, put on my dressing gown to hide my outfit and went down to greet them and invited them in, some alkward small talk was followed by meeting the two new guys, one who was older but he was so muscley, and the other who was younger, cousans or something i cant remember, but wasnt long and the 3 origanal guys were standing so near me i then deopped my dressing gown onto the floor showing them my outfit, they were very impressed, c**** were outs and i was being called a white slutty w**** as i was soon on my knees with black c**** being forced into my mouth, this time i didnt get chance to have control, they were forcing their c**** in my mouth f****** my mouth even, grabbing my hair, tasting each one of them, as their hands went all over me, fingers entered my p**** my ass and my mouth but i had no idea whos it was, i did however manage to fit two black d**** in my mouth, the f****** soon began once again on the same couch they f***** me before, it started with me laying in my side sucking one sick as i took another inside my p**** but they moved onto my arsehole alot quicker this time, obviously there was 5 of them so it was pretty soon i was taking two d**** again in my p**** and ass while taking turns sucking one the other 3 black d****, we swapped posistions and then i was taking two d**** but this time facing up with a guy climbed over my chest pushing my b**** together while sliding his d*** inbetween them, as i sucked off his friend of course, and i should also mention the only peice clothing that came off was my thong so i was getting f***** in all the latex, i was so sweaty and the corset was so tight on my stomach i could bearly breathe under all that force from the guys pounding me, my head over the arm the sofa the big muscled guy now f****** my throat, i had never deep throated till then but i had no choice, i started to c**, and i came big had a massive muiltple o******, i remember the smell of all them and the taste the c*** in my mouth pushed me over the edge and as i came they pinned me down as i was wriggling like mad and just carryied on f****** me! i wasnt the only one to c**, the muscly guy f****** my throat came pretty much same time and his c** pretty much exploded out the side my mouth and all over my face, i could take a d*** in my p**** after for awhile so they took turns f****** my mouth and ass again till i once again came for first time through just a*** s**, before that two others had c** in my mouth and i swallowed it down, the f****** slowed down as i took three loads up my ass the last being the muscley guy again! then then gave me a break which i really needed lol, they then told me they wer guna f*** me again but all were guna c** inside my p**** n try n get me knocked up! i told them, you can try! by then i took the corset off and what remained of the fishents, so i was just in my new boots which they loved, lol the f****** began again with me going around all 5 guys sucking and climbing on top their c*** and riding them one by one before they took over, they double f*** me loads, thats when i managed to fit two d**** in my p**** for a short while but it didnt work out, and i was no way trying two d**** in my ass, but before long they laid me over the edge the sofa, legs wide open and guy after guy began pounding my p**** as i wrapped my boots around them as the pumped their s**** into me, 8 times i had my p**** filled with black mans c**, it was pouring out of me, dripping down the leather sofa like a waterfall, my fav beibg the muscley guy as he was face to face with me spitting in my face calling me a f****** w**** this made me c** the same time as he filled me with his s****, he then pulled out a wiped his c*** over my face and demanding i clean him up, the salty creamy taste of him, me and all his friends was so hot but soon acter i had another sick in me! once they had all came in me (some more than once) i stood up after smoking a ciggy and c** poured outa me all down my new boots and onto the floor, they were pretty much done with me by then but i did take two more poundings in the ass before they came on my face one being my origanal guy, they left soon after and i had to clean up, so much s**** all over me inside and out and all over the living room, it was f****** amazing!!!

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  • Nasty girl, i love it

  • Whats worrying for me and prob alot other guys out there is, u sound like the type girl nobody would ever think would do something like that, u said yourself that youve only ever been really with one man your bf? i wonder how many other girls are out there like yourself? where there is one there is always more

  • Dont you feel bad for cheating on your bf?

    if he is so special why didnt you talk to him and see about arranging a g******* involving him?

  • I do...i really do its just, it was something new and really really hot, until thous two times he is the only guy iv ever been with, i would and have hinted in the past but hes made it clear, hed only have a threesome with another girl and said he would hate watching another man have s** with me. as amazing as it was i dont think i will be doing it again. so what he dont know wont hurt him

  • You will do it again and wont ever feel bad about cheating on him in the future as you belive that if he doesnt know then no harm is done.

    you would sure as h*** be hurt if you found out his fantasy was to have a g******* with your family members and not include you. guess if he ever has the chance thou then he has the right to do it just not make you awear of it.

    chances are he will find out one day and then all s*** will hit the fan. you cant care for someone that much if your willing to let a group of strangers f*** you behind his back in his home.

  • Well i feel great, thanks for that

  • Mate did u not read all her posts? not only was she willing to let a group strangers f*** her in his home behind his back? she dressed up for them in clothing she brought for her bf, no condoms were used ever and she let them e******** in her many many times, she may not fall preggy but she must be festering in std's in all of her holes, not to mention all them black guys would be laughing at her and her bf behind her back

  • And now i feel even better not

  • Imagine what happen if your bf came home early?

  • Yes....that would not be good, for starters i wouldnt be sat on the sofa with him right now lmao

  • Hope u enjoyed it? was it a very rough odeal? seems like it pushed to to the limit?

  • Oh yes i really really loved it, the lenght and duration was abit too much in the end but i loved it, yea they dis push me right to my limit and beyond, some might say it was very rough but i liked it

  • Did you enjoy taking so much c** in your p****? do you wish they had knocked u up?

  • No i dont wana get knocked up!! although i did tell them to try to, but that doesnt count as i was very h**** and in the moment, yes i loved taking load after load, felt so hot n dirty

  • My kind of woman and excellent wife material.

  • Did u used the n word? what was their reaction?

  • Yea i did ALOT! it made them more aggresive and f*** me harder

  • What did you do with your new outfit? what did you tell the boyfriend or did you hide them from him?

  • Well the fishnets were ripped apart so i binned them, managed to clean up my b**** but the latex corset had a tear in it and too many s**** stains had to bin that too :( the boots i will keep to wear out and yes my bf has asked if i can wear them for him at some point

  • That is so bad, so your keeping the boots? found memorys in them every time u wear them then?

  • Yes i plan to wear them out tomorrow night

  • How were u after? exhausted? sore? full of seman?

  • Very tired, very exhausted, and very very sore my a*** is still abit sore now and i must been leaking c** for about a day or more after

  • Wen did u next have s** with your bf?

  • I havent yet but i will this weekend

  • Still a w****

  • Yea well i can hardly say im not

  • No you can't you dirty little tramp lol, in reality I'd love to f*** ypu

  • On your own or in a group? lol

  • Both

  • On my own 1st followed by a group

  • Puctures?, haha.
    Sounds great, my kind of woman!

  • No pictures were taken to my knowledge, what u think i am stupid? dont wana get caught

  • Did you like having 2 c**** in your p****?
    Will you be f****** them again?

  • It was a big stretch and the guys didnt seem that keen, only did it for a few minutes, wouldnt mind trying it again but i much prefer a c*** in my ass and a c*** in my p****, they guys have a good rythem when f****** me like that

  • Really would like to meet u u seem amazing

  • Awww thanks

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