I was adopted at age five.

My mother died shortly after I was born and my fathers whereabouts were unknown. My adopted parents wanted a boy because they had one girl already and my step mother was pregnant with a girl.

Ok I bond with my new parents and I did ok in school. Not stupendous in school but I was able to make a few A,s a lot fo B's with a minimum of C's.

I learned car mechanics on the side and I graduated college with honors but not magna c** laude by any means.

Both step sisters resent me because I'm a boy. I don't understand this as I have on several occasions fixed their cars and I've done other handyman type jobs around the house including cutting the grass once a week. They would have the job if it were not for me.

To my way of thinking my sisters will be much worse off when I leave home than they are now.

Who's going to fix their cars fo free like I do? They will have to cut the grass like I did.?

They have been able to count on me ever since I was adopted. I always held up my end of the stick.

May 31, 2016

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  • Curious, how do you think they resent you? What do they do exactly to make you feel this way? Have you ever been close to them? It sounds like you did really well in school and your parents love and care about you. But you separate yourself by saying your adopted. You're still a member of the family, regardless of how you joined them. You're not an outsider. Is there some unspoken competition between you and the girls? Seems like something isn't being explained here... I do agree with the other comment. Maybe when you move away, the relationships with both sisters will improve.

  • Sometimes you just have to separate for a while so everyone sees what the other was doing. My son and I used to fight. Yell at each other. I felt he was rude and just using my wife and I and not helping round the house. He moved out and is sharing a house with some friends. Our relationship is now really good. He comes home about once a week. We have been to concerts and the football together.

    So you might find that if you leave home, that everyone starts to appreciate you and you may find yourself happier about them.

  • It might not be because you're adopted. Families are strange like that. sisters sometimes just resent brothers for no good reason. You're as much a member of the family as they are.

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