I like the feel of plastic

I like to wrap myself in cling film (glad wrap or saran wrap as the American's call it). Only one or two layers and tight so the plastic stretched across my body. Then I will wear a close fitting layer of clothing so that any crinkling sounds are not obvious and then wear my normal clothes over this. Just from my chest to my bum so not arms legs or head. Obviously I end up sweating and it gets slippery. It's just a really exciting feeling. I have to wear cotton bands (home made sweat bands like what tennis players wear on their wrists) around the top of my legs or the sweat makes my pants wet.

It's my secret. I've been doing it since forever like well before puberty and now I'm 40. It's weird. I don't think anyone knows and I'm too scared to tell anyone.

May 31, 2016

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  • This is me too. I have loved the feel of plastic. My wife thought I was sick and now we are divorced.

  • I used to do this but then thought it was just too much work and I was starting to get addicted to it. It does help with water weight though. Compress that sweat right out. If your active while its on...all the better(but noisey) crinkle crinkle. lol

  • It's not that weird. My hot older sister used to wrap herself in saran wrap to (even though she was still very thin and fit) lose weight. I admit, was sexy as h*** seeing her naked, wrapped body. Spent a lot of weekends at her apartment while she did this, including helping her once in a while. She liked it tight.. very tight, around her waist, hips, and ass..

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