Please my wife

For about five years now I have not been able to have s** , or make love to my wife , thanks to the V,A and their medications . I love my wife dearly , and she loves me . I have a yearning that is never going away for another man to please my wife all the way . I am all for this . it does not matter if I am there or not . I am for real , and I don't think I can ever shake off this need for my wife . signed what to do .

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  • Ok, so if I am reading correctly you can't pleasure your wife, but you would be willing to allow her to be with others? Have you discussed an open relationship with her? Please don't forget that there are lots of things you can do in the bedroom even if you can't penetrate her. I would suggest toys, and oral. You could even wear a strap-on to pleasure her. There are options!!! But an open relationship is also a possibility, but ground rules will have to be set, and you will have to have extremely good communication to make it work.

  • She does not do the s** toy thing or p*** or talk dirty . and the strap on huh aint no way . face it she has become a prude . that's life I guess . if I had another wife ! I would accept any thing and I mean any thing just to make her happy . I mean that's whats really important to me .

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