I fantasize about my father molesting me

My father molested me when I was very young...under six. I repressed the memories until about a year ago. Now the only time I can o***** is by imagining him molesting me. I feel dirty and lost.

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  • I'm male, 49 and I still every day w*** and fantasise that my father would sexual molest me, rape me daily. I've had that same dream my whole life. When I was 5 my uncle use to play with me regularly, but I wished it was my father. Not that I didn't enjoy the gay fun my uncle and I had. I have tried to hit my father up and let me suck his c***, but he made it clear that he wasn't it gay stuff.

  • Only way my BF can too... we play with it...

  • If what you posted here has any credibility, you have no one aside from your dad to thank for what may from a psychological perspective the only method by which you'll be able to reach o***** for the rest of your life. He may or may not have known that he physiologically entered the right code via his innocent manipulation of your genitalia when you were young. Studies have indicated that psychologically, the covert code may stay within a female permanently, especially when a female subject couples her sexual emotions/feelings during masturbation with actual similar digital manipulation of her genitalia as was performed earlier. The psyche records & holds this physical stimuli to be paired with the subjects later mental stimuli. This appears to be what is occurring in this subjects case.

  • Orz------8

  • Chances are he's thought about it too.

  • Cool beans

  • May Jesus heal you!!

  • Thank you

  • Male or female. My girl cousin went through the same thing.

  • I'm female. Really struggling with getting past this part. Amongst other issues created.

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