Im a recently turned 17 y/o female, who knew from very young, i lkied other girls, but kept it hidden for as long as i could.
However that quickly changed when i turned 13 on a family holiday with my mom, step-dad and siblings. My step-dad, (Tom) csught me kissing a girl i had met on a previous visit, (jaz).
I pleaded with him not to tell my mom, where i said, "whats it worth", shocked yet intrigued i put it simply, "what you want?", "you" as he pulled me in close, i was shocked, scared & nervous with a hint of turned on, he slipped his hand down trousers and fondled me, before slipping me his tongue, before i knew what was happening he f***** me sensless, came inside me, got up and left me, lying on the floor half naked, and very confused.
The next day, he attempted to make it up to me, with gifts etc, but that soon ended, when mom went out.
This time there was no passion, as he wrestled me to the floor, before raping me.
This happend 6 nights in a so f***** up by the whole thing, im unsure of what to do!

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  • You got f****** raped! Child protective services or the police

  • Obviously tell the police -__- no one will care that you're a lesbian.

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