Will I say now . Think whatever you want to think,do whatever makes you happy..
I believe i have said what I had to much earlier than you expected.Nothing more to prove or say.
You are free to do anything i won't say a word
The magic words I have always said to you were always true and I will always stick with them if you trust it's good if not nothing more I can do.....
My wishes will be always with you even if you want to distance...
Stay blessed

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  • I have no idea what this means

  • It means nothing dnt tax your brain just ignore

  • Oh god :'(
    I can understand that!
    God Bless Your Love!!!!!!!

  • Thanks

  • I would love to understand. I would love to hear more.

  • Nothing more to offer it's empty,lost feeling.

  • ......ummmmmm...........okey-dokey........

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