If your fat don't smoke

A very good friend of mine died and the reason he died is because he was fifty pounds overweight and he smoked cigarettes.

He was an 18 wheeler whom the police found dead in his truck many miles from his home.

The last time I saw him alive I was visiting his home and I thought to myself how coud he have gotten himself into this shape?? As I was thinking this he pulled out a smoke and lit it up and then I realised I was looking at a soon to be dead man.

My last words to him was this. You and I aren't getting any younger so how about we lose some weight and you quit that smoking.

His last words to me were . "i'M NOT GOING TO QUIT SMOKING BECAUSE i ENJOY IT".

A month later he had died of a heart attack in his truck.

Jun 3, 2016

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  • Sadly many people drift into being overweight and smoking and quite a few end up dead.
    I know smoking damages health-as it damaged mine.
    Luckily I survived on giving up on smoking.
    But my health is not brilliant.
    But hope others will realise that smoking does damaged the heart.

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