Cheaters are not in love and i am faithful women here to prove it

I am a proud faithful christian women here to let cheaters know that love cares and if you really care about someone you would not feel compelled to hitler all over their feelings and emotions you would never want 

to cheat on them because love always puts them first love always thinks about how would the person i love feel if i do this to them

and how would the person i love feel if i say this to them you would constantly be drowning everyday inside a sea of their thoughts in your mind and you

would always put their feelings before your own i am happy married here to tell everyone this is real love
my husband is always faithful and so am and we are really in love

Jun 4, 2016

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  • Good s** is essential to a happy marriage. Sometimes for whatever reason, both partners are not on the same page when it comes to s** so one or the other will look elsewhere.

  • Submissive women are boring....

  • I'm a faithful submissive wife. I love my husband. I love honor and obey him. When he asks me to dress like a h***** for him I do. He ties me to the bed so he can whip me beyond what I can take. I love and honor him. He provides a home and protection. People forget marriage is a two way thing. Two sides. If she does not look after her husband then like the OP he will look elsewhere.

  • Never seen "hitler" used as a verb.

  • Basic sentence composition isn't one of OP's strengths, and neither is basic intellect.

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