I've been with this guy for over a year , he's cheated on my multiple times . I forgive him for each one , he told me he would change and he doesn't want to loose me but everytime I go on his phone I see the same thing as always . I've done so much for him and I'm still not worth it . I end up being called a nosy b**** for going through his phone and invading his privacy

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  • I would put a dedicated woman like you on a throne, I am so sorry you go through that

  • You need to sober up dude.

  • He's not going to change. He'll hold his interests over yours the whole time your together. Cut your losses and get rid of the selfish guy.

  • You keep forgiving him for cheating. So why should he stop? Why should he change? There are no consequences for his actions. You are always going to be there for him. What has to happen for you to open your eyes and realize you are in a dead end relationship? He will continue to break your heart because you don't believe you deserve better. So you stay with some guy that makes a lot of false promises. You can say you love him, but what do you love about him? He's not honest or trustworthy. He certainly can't love you or care about you. He can say he does, but he negates it by cheating on you. And he puts you at risk. Is he using a condom? You don't know the s**** he's sleeping with, who is she sleeping with? You're more than worth it, just he isn't. And if he was honest, you wouldn't feel compelled to check his phone. Cut your losses and move on. You're going to waste years of your life with this guy. Loving someone shouldn't be this difficult.

  • He wants you to think you're not worthy, so he can keep you where he wants you.. This guy is garbage! Dump him before he dumps you iin the worst possible way!

  • He's no good, he's never going to Stop cheating on you. Once a cheater always a cheater. You keep for giving him and one day he's going to come up to you to tell you that you guys aren't working out, why because he's probably going to find someone else through his cheating on you then what are you going to do? You can find better than him, but if you keep wasting your time with that crap your never going to meet him, your true soul mate. If this guy really cared he would have not ever cheated on you. Besides just good back to school worry about you and what kind of career you want for yourself, so in the future you don't have to depend on another loser like this one. Good luck.

  • Get rid of him. He's the one who isn't worth it. I know women like bad boys but is the pain worth it?

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