How to explain

My name is Tim, im married, 36, 2 daughters, and a well respected, yeat average payed job.
For the 18 months, ive been having an affair, with the most young lady, with incredible, even mind blowing s**, in every way imaginable...
1st problem: im cheating, i know that, but this girl has really blown me away.
2nd problem: shes saying she wants us to run away together...
And finally my third problem, and most important one as i see it, her age; shes just turned 14 years old.
I know many will say pervo, and the like, and rightly so, however, I cannot stay away.
Yes it statred when she was 12, im not quite sure how, but i do remember, helping her with her mums shopping, and taking her home, outside her house, she thanked me, and kissed me, full on the lips, completley thrown, i was unaware of what to do.
That night, all she was all i could think about, and its continued ever since.
I tried everything to avoid her and a situation, but was drawn to her.
Several days later, on my way home from work, i drove passed her at a bus stop, circled back, and offdred her a lift, she was greatful, (and as a shamed as i am to say it, looked very sexy in her school uniform)
She asked me to come in to her house, for tea, i was hesitant, yet intrigued, when there, she began flirting, (youll say how can a 12 year old flirt, but believe you me, she really did) she soon climed on my lap, and bang! There it was a kiss, like ive never had before, tasting her tongue was the most erotic/perverse thing ive ever done, until my hands reached round, and pulled at her knickers, before long, i was unable to control myself, with her guidance, as she pulled me to the floor, kicked her knickers off, grabbed at my trouser zip, realeasing my erect p****.
She lifted her bottom, and used her hand to edge closer to her 'entrance', as i edged foward slowly entering her.
There was blood as i took her virginity, yet she acted like a seasoned pro, her gracious, silky smoothed body, crashed against mine, I lasted no more than 20 seconds, but my o***** was as intense as i had ever had, It felt like i was cuming for about 5 minutes, deep inside her tight, hairless and tiny p****.

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  • You are headed for prison dude, stay away from her.

  • I had an affair with my older neighbor when I was 14. The s** was great and for awhile the sneaking around aspect of it was exciting. Problem with it becomes when one falls for the other and the other wants other things. In my case, I became interested in sports/dances and other things my own age. He did not handle this well. He did not like it at all that I was going to my junior prom with someone my own age, and insisted that I go straight home afterward. His plan backfired as I ended up having s** with my date in his car in the parking lot during the prom. My advice would don't let it go any further, someone is gonna get burned.

  • So, you cheated? W****.

  • Sick f*** for even thinking of a story like that. When you become a paedo in real life, you will get butt f***** so hard by Big Black Ron, that he'll ruin your organs and you'll die a slow agonising death in prison.

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