Wrestling flashback sitting on a Tomboy nightly

When I was young the neighborhood tomboy would hang around across the street on the steps until all of our friends were called in for the night. We then had a nightly ritual where I would chase her down in our friends backyard and get her in a bear hug from behind and walk her over behind the playhouse grass where it was more private and wrestle her to the ground. Funny I never really was aroused as I spent a long time straddling and pinning her down. She always giggled and said get off me but never really meaning it. I can't ever remember her ever being on top of me it was always me tackling her down and sitting on her. This would go on until her mom would call her to come in. Then I would get off her. She wasn't really hot, a little chubby, medium b******, but she was my little wrestling buddy while we were growing up.

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  • Growing up we would play tackle football with a couple girls on each team. We would not hurt them but softly tackle them and sit on them and taunt them. This is as close as we got.

  • My first catfight I witnessed finished in a long humiliating sitting pin on the other crying girl. As the girl on top pinned her down she made fun of her, her friends shouted kick her ass make her cry. The bottom girl who got her ass kicked just bent her knees and stopped fighting. Finally an adult driving by broke it up.

  • In my neighborhood it was common place for everyone to wrestle. Guys wrestling guys, girls wrestling girls, guys wrestling girls. It was all fun.

  • It was just good fun and nobody got hurt. Some of girls good wrestle and beat the boys.

  • I would put the gril into a grapevine and hope she would wrestle out of it and put me in the same old

  • Yes I like to put a girl into a grapevine and hold her down. Is she was able to the same to be that was great match.

  • Girls were coming into your own. Wrestling was a great way for them do it.
    This carry forward into my marriage and my wife and I enjoyed wrestling each other. We had many matches in which she won about 40%

  • It's weird looking back over life. Some things we did in the innocence of childhood.

  • Well the fact that you weren't aroused is your own fault. If this had been an erotic event then you perhaps could have at least copped a feel.

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