Wrestling flashback sitting on a Tomboy nightly

When I was young the neighborhood tomboy would hang around across the street on the steps until all of our friends were called in for the night. We then had a nightly ritual where I would chase her down in our friends backyard and get her in a bear hug from behind and walk her over behind the playhouse grass where it was more private and wrestle her to the ground. Funny I never really was aroused as I spent a long time straddling and pinning her down. She always giggled and said get off me but never really meaning it. I can't ever remember her ever being on top of me it was always me tackling her down and sitting on her. This would go on until her mom would call her to come in. Then I would get off her. She wasn't really hot, a little chubby, medium b******, but she was my little wrestling buddy while we were growing up.

Jun 5, 2016

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  • No boys in my neighborhood growing up
    My playmates were all girls
    Just finished playing a board game with this girl and she said she wanted to wrestle 🤼‍♀️ with me.
    My mom was close by and told it was ok to wrestle 🤼‍♀️ with her. That started my life time of wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with the girls.
    We all wore jeans 👖 and t shirt back then.
    We would roll around and jump on each other trying to get a pin or make the other submit. Many grapevines, sisscors,headlocks, craddle hold and crotch to crotch holds were used on each other.
    This lead to wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with my wife while we were dating into all of our years of marriage
    We even wrestle 🤼‍♀️ with her best friend
    My wife wrestle 🤼‍♀️ her one night and won and she asked my wife if she could wrestle 🤼‍♀️ me. My wife told her yes and we had a really good wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match.
    We had many more over the years
    Wrestling 🤼‍♀️ is fun

  • Wrestling with girls from age 5-12 was just plain fun. They wore jeans and you just tackled them to the ground and start wrestling with each other. Just rolling around wrestling, grabbing, grappling and applying wrestling hold on them. You pinned them and they pinned you. Over time we all have pinned each other and being pinned by each other. I loved those wrestling matches. As we got older we would wrestle with each other differently and had other benefits added to our wrestling.

  • Around age 13 appx we still wrestle in our jeans. We still wrestle with each other in the same way. Same holds and positions and moves. But when we onto of each other or on the bottom we felt something different. We would come in our jeans as we were wrestling. Then we started grinding on each other and then we started dry humping each other. Finally we got extremely excited and h**** . Then we could not wait until we were wrestling 🤼‍♀️ again. Some girls you wrestle with and you just came in your jeans. Other you wrestle with you would dry hump between wrestling 🤼‍♀️ matches. Other you maybe did some exploring with each other. No matter which it was always fun wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with them .

  • Ok
    Way to go

  • Used to wrestle 🤼‍♀️With the girls all the time
    Lot of fun

  • Me do I like girls in jeans and wrestling with each other. This one girl and I would wrestle with each other all the time. We liked wrestling outside on the lawn where we had a lot of room. Her yard had privacy and nobody to see us wrestling. Her mom would watch us wrestle. If I went to house and she was not home her mom would ask me in to wait for her. We would talk and she asked if I ever wrestle with a older girl or woman. I told her no. She asked if I wanted to wrestle her. For a mom she looked good in her jeans and legs and thighs also looked tight and firm and strong. She told me it would be our secret. I agree to wrestle her. We were outside and before I know it she pins me with a craddle. You know how to wrestle I see. Yes I do and we have started. She takes me down again with a full body pin and I tap out. Again we go and she applied a very hard and tight grapevine position and on me. She is spreading my legs very far apart and I have to submit to her. I am tired and aroused at the same time. She go and get me in a leg crotch to crotch hold and I can not get out of it. I tap out but she is now grinding her crotch into my crotch and she dry hump me like crazy. She tell that her daughter is home and I can wrestle her now. She tells me we will wrestle again. I wrestle her with her daughter. She pins me and the next match I pin her. I decided I would try to get her in that leg crotch to crotch hold that her mom did to me. I get her into it and it’s a draw but we dry hump each other over and over. Like daughter like mom. This go on for many years.

  • I am going to wrestle this girl for our 2nd match. We meet after school and go outside and start wrestling. She pins me with a full body pin. I come back and pin her with a full body pin. We get into a leg crotch to crotch position and we wrestling real hard and tuff. We both are h**** and come in our jeans at the same. The match is a tied. She leaves for a girl’s sleep over. I see her mom is home and I go over. She tells me she is not home, I know that we have already wrestle each other. Why are you here, take off dress and put those tight sexy jeans and you will find out. Ok let’s wrestle, see removed her dress and put her jeans on. We go outside to wrestle. She pins me in a full body pin craddle and I tap out. She wins again with a one leg craddle pin. She now has me in a side body pin for another win. I get her rolled over I get onto and put her in a extremely tight full body pin, I get the win but I am grinding on her before I let her up. I her moan and we did come in our jeans. We are wrestling again and she has me in a leg crotch to crotch position I tap out. Both of us stay in the position and are grinding away on each and we come over and over again. She tells me it’s still our secret and we will wrestle again.

  • I like the girls that knew how to wrestle. You always had a better match and more fun with them

  • So did I. It was so much fun. I liked it if a girl got me in a grapevine hold

  • Growing up we would play tackle football with a couple girls on each team. We would not hurt them but softly tackle them and sit on them and taunt them. This is as close as we got.

  • My first catfight I witnessed finished in a long humiliating sitting pin on the other crying girl. As the girl on top pinned her down she made fun of her, her friends shouted kick her ass make her cry. The bottom girl who got her ass kicked just bent her knees and stopped fighting. Finally an adult driving by broke it up.

  • In my neighborhood it was common place for everyone to wrestle. Guys wrestling guys, girls wrestling girls, guys wrestling girls. It was all fun.

  • That was the same where I grew up in. You started wrestling with girls at N early age
    It was fun pinning a girl down. Has you got older you would wrestle the girls and hope she would wrestle you to the ground and pin you
    Fun times

  • The same for me. At and early age you got into your jeans and wrestle with the girls. You did not care who won or loss. Even holding each other down crotch to crotch no one felt anything. Has you were wrestling and you were crotch to crotch you started getting aroused. The longer you had each pinned down the more you got extremely excited and h****. You would keep wrestling 🤼‍♀️ each other and come in your jeans. Then you would dry hump each other.

  • Sometimes my friends would make fun of me for having a gril pin me. I told them do not knock it until you know the feeling of that girl on top of you jeans to jeans pinning you to the ground .

  • It was just good fun and nobody got hurt. Some of girls good wrestle and beat the boys.

  • I also would wrestle the girls. It was always fun to see who would pin who. I pinned many girls and I also was pinned by many girls. I love wrestling girls with their tight jeans on. I also enjoy watching two girls wrestling each other. After they were done wrestling I asked who wanted to wrestle me. Most times both girls would. Those were good days

  • I love watching two girls in tight jeans wrestling each. They would be rolling around wrestling with each other trying for that pin or submission. Girls could get aroused wrestling with each other it’s just natural. I was aroused just watching them. That was the best time for me to wrestle with them . We had fun wrestling with each other and we would end up dry humping then. Fun times

  • I enjoyed watching two girls wrestling with each other. They had their jeans on and they would be all over each other. Rolling around with each other grappling, grabbing,wrestling each other into all different positions, hold and doing wrestling moves on each other. Then my friend and I would asked them to wrestle with us. Most times they would , so we were able to wrestle with both of them. We would meet together all 4 of us and wrestle and my friend had one girl that he really wanted to wrestle with and I was lucky that I prefer the other girl to wrestle 🤼‍♀️ with.
    Those were really good times.

  • If the 4 of us met to wrestle we wrestle with our friend girl’s first. And then wrestle with our own girl for very long and extremely tight and hard fought wrestling matches. A lot of wrestling, rolling, grabbing, grappling and touching going on. The four of us were friends for years and you could always find us wrestling.

  • I think the girls I wrestle with were good or just bad. That just what I think

  • The girls I wrestle with also were good or bad. But even the bad ones was still fun to wrestle with and getting on top of them jeans to jeans. The good ones also knew how to use their thighs and legs to get you pinned or submit to you. Wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls or women in tight jeans 👖 is always fun.

  • I see that from reading on this site that we all love girls in tight jeans 👖 and we love wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with them. And as we got older we got h**** and aroused. Keep posting I would like to see what more people have to say about this.

  • This one girl and I wrestle many times while growing up. In the beginning we were young and had fun wrestling with each other.
    Later in teen age years we would get each aroused while wrestling and a dry humbling would be a good end to our wrestling

  • I also remember with the girls at a young age and than later wrestling with each other you got extremely aroused and most girls would let you dry hump them. That was a great feeling.

  • I also remember wrestling with girls at a young age and than kept wrestling with each other as we got older. I remember also both of us getting extremely aroused. We would more than likely come in our jeans. But the girls I wrestle with would not do any dry humping.

  • Me Also I started wrestling with 🤼‍♀️ Girls at a young age. I think we all did. I always like girls in tight jeans 👖. At a young age you wrestle with each other hard and did not keep track of who pinned who. For me as we got older I still wrestle with them hard tuff. I still did keep track of who pinned who. It was just fun wrestling 🤼‍♀️ With them. Now we would get aroused and we would dry hump each other. I am still wrestling with my wife and two friends of my wife and their husbands. Now after wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with the other couples my wife and I will later at night go to bed and wrestle 🤼‍♀️ In the nude and then have extremely amazing s**.

  • Same for me. I started wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls around age five. Just liked you wrestle for fun. Rolling around wrestling and grappling with each other. In our teens with both would get extremely aroused while wrestling each other. We at first would come in our jeans while wrestling. Then during our wrestling matches we would still get aroused and come in our jeans but after wrestling we would dry hump each other in our jeans. If no one was around we would take our jeans off and dry hump each. We had many years of fun wrestling with each other.

  • I need to find a girlfriend like that. Does she have a sister. Enjoy you are one lucky guy

  • Wrestling and dry humping a good combination

  • I had the wrestling but no dry humping. You were very lucky.

  • Where and how to find the girls to wrestle with or even have a dry humpling session with them. Please find someone for me

  • What a great way to have fun

  • A lot of girls my age growing up knew out to wrestle. They did not think anything was with
    Most dad’s dads did not approve of boys wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls
    Most moms did not care, just so you were careful and nobody got hurt

  • I would put the gril into a grapevine and hope she would wrestle out of it and put me in the same old

  • This one girl and I always tried to get the other into a grapevine position
    Those were fine times

  • I would wrestle this neighborhood girl in the living room floor at my house
    We each wore jeans and t shirts
    My mother would watch and yell how tips to us on what holds to put the other in
    I found out that my mom and dad also wrestle

  • I also had the chance to wrestle with the girl next to our house. She could really filled out a pair of jeans and rock a tight tank top. I full get her into a full body pin we would wrestle again and she would pinned me with the same hold. We would get aroused and come in our jeans. We would wrestle with each other for many years.

  • I learned later that not boys and girls wrestle 🤼‍♀️ But that many moms and dads also enjoyed a good 🤼‍♀️ Wrestling matche

  • That is right. My mom and dad would wrestle each other. Then later they would have s**

  • So true
    Moms and dads like to wrestle and then have s**. That’s just how it is.

  • I also caught my parents wrestling with each other. Then they when to the bedroom got naked. They rolled around with each other and then had s**. They never knew I saw them.

  • Came home early one day and and my mom and dad going at it on the floor. I kept quiet and watched them wrestling with each other. They were rolling around wrestling with each wearing jeans and doing some extremely hard wrestling. Dad pinned mom in a craddle. They kept wrestling and mom put dad in a grapevine and he submitted to mom. They go at it again and dad gets moms in a full body pin and she taps out. I do not let on I saw them wrestle. I am hoping to catch them wrestling with each other again. I go next door and wrestle with the girl that lives there. We wrestle with each other. We both pinned each other many times. I do not know who won or loss. We do not care, we just like wrestling with each other.

  • I was told not to wrestle with with girls
    It was wrong and not proper
    I later came home early one day from playing outside and I found my mom and dad in jeans 👖 wrestling 🤼‍♀️ on the living floor
    I than started wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls and it has carry over into my marriage
    Great fun

  • We got caught wrestling each other’s and our dads told us to end it
    Both mothers agree we could wrestle but just do not let our dads find out
    We did for many years and we had fun and nobody got hurt

  • I also was caught wrestling with a girl. Both dads told us to end it and no more wrestling. The next time I saw this girl I said I guess we are done wrestling with each other. She grabs me and pull me down to the floor and she starting to apply a pin on me. I grab her and now we are in a extremely hard wrestling match. We are both on top and than the bottom. I am on top with a full body pin and I am just on top of her jeans to jeans and crotch to crotch position. We stay in that position and start rubbing on each other. We are extremely excited and aroused and come at the same time. Our dad’s never find out and we wrestle for many years until college and we never saw each other again.
    I miss our wrestling matches.

  • I was caught wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with a girl and my dad told the girl’s dad and they told us no more wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other.
    The next time I met her I started that our wrestling 🤼‍♀️ was over. She suddenly pulled me to the ground and say I do not think so. She love to wrestle 🤼‍♀️ and kept wrestling 🤼‍♀️ for many years . We both married other people but the four of us had many fun nights wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with one and all

  • That was awesome. You were told no more wrestling and she started the next match. And you two keep wrestling with each other and you added your spouses to the wrestling. Nice going

  • That is awesome
    Keep wrestling

  • Yes I like to put a girl into a grapevine and hold her down. Is she was able to the same to be that was great match.

  • This one girl I wrestle with could really apply the grapevine on you
    If she did you were not getting out of it

  • This one girl I wrestle with like getting you into a full body pin and holding it until you tapped out. You would wrestle again and I would get her pinned into that full body pin and hold her down. I could feel myself getting extremely excited and aroused and she is also very aroused. We would come inside our jeans. We would just grab onto each other and start rolling around wrestling and grappling with each other and grabbing. We did not care who pinned who. Just two h**** people wrestling and humping each other inside our jeans. Fun times

  • That was really fun times

  • Girls would dare a boy to Indian leg wrestle her. Most times the girls would win
    This would lead to a regular wrestling match 🤼‍♀️
    The good old days

  • I used to wrestle this one girls and would pin her in a craddle. If she got free she would try to straddle me to submit.
    Jeans on jeans , bodies rolling around trying to pin the other.
    Fun fun

  • I started wrestling with this one girl at age five and we wrestle all Thu high school
    Many a good times just wrestling 🤼‍♀️ each other
    We both left for college and that was the end
    Miss those days

  • My future wife and I would wrestle all the time while dating. Our moms never try to stop us. Just told us to be careful that nobody got hurt
    We got into some very interesting positions and holds while wrestling. We did at times got aroused but we kept those emotions under control until we were married
    Good times

  • Girls were coming into your own. Wrestling was a great way for them do it.
    This carry forward into my marriage and my wife and I enjoyed wrestling each other. We had many matches in which she won about 40%

  • My wife and I love to wrestle also
    Show like the grapevine
    Me doing it to her and her doing it to me
    We also love to wrestle her best friend

  • Your wife is like my wife. She loves wrestling me or her best friend. She also liked the grapevine. Once applied you had go submit. After wrestling we had great s**.

  • My wife loves to wrestle with me. The more extreme it was the better she liked. We look see what women wrestlers would be on tv. If it was her favorite we would watch it. I knew we would be wrestling each other before the day ended which was good. Then I told my wife we should wrestle with each other has her favorite was wrestling on tv. That turn into very hard tight wrestling with each other. She would do to me what her wrestler was doing on tv. These matches were hot and h**** and tuff wrestling with each other but fun. Try it

  • Funny my wife best best also stated she wanted to wrestle with us
    We did not take her seriously and she grap my wife and put on the ground
    My wife then took over and pinned her
    Then the friend ask me to wrestle her and I did and I pinned her in a craddle
    After that night we had many wrestling matches 🤼‍♀️ Between the three of us
    Good times

  • My wife and I also started wrestling while dating and all of our marriage. We would put each other in craddle holds and grapevine holds. She over time learned how to wrestle very good. She could use her legs and make me submit. She would win only about 1% of the time at first but appx 2 years later we were at 50/50. I love that she got that good and we had great matches and a lot of fun.
    If I won that was good and if I loss that was also good.
    My wife best friend would wrestle her and me and we had good 🤼‍♀️ Matches

  • My wife best friend and I would wrestle
    My wife gave us the ok to wrestle
    We had many good matches and a lot of fun
    Some time my wife would wrestle her friend and they had some great matches
    Two of them in jeans and pinning each other
    Fun times
    Any body else have anything to add or share

  • I wrestle with my sister in law a few times and that was fun

  • I also have wrestle my sister in law. We would go to Costco for shopping for food once a month. I would help bring in her food and go home to put away our food. My sister in law said she wanted to wrestle me. She would wear tight rib knit leggings. I could just imagine those tight thighs and legs pinning me down. I told her no many times. I did not think it was proper but I did really want to wrestle her. Our next shopping trip she is in those leggings and we bring in her food and she messing around with me. A playful headlock, a push from behind. I am now extremely excited and aroused and I said to her ok ready, set, wrestle. She just go at and we are locked together wrestling on the floor. We do this for about 20 minutes and I get her in a full body pin and she is pinned. She starts grinding on me and I return the favor and we hump each other. We would wrestle with each other a few more times.

  • Another shopping trip and another wrestling match. My sister in law is wearing jeans today. She knows I like women in tight jeans. She shop and bring in her stuff. We just started wrestling with each other. We are on the floor rolling around with each other applying sisscors and leg holds on each other. Her jeans are getting tight on her has her muscles and thighs are getting tight and firmer. I am already hard and aroused. We keep grabbing and grappling with each other. We have both been on the top or bottom of each other a few times. I get her into a full craddle hold for the pin. We go again we now she has me in a very tight grapevine position and is also grinding on me I had to submit. We go again and we end up on a leg crotch to crotch hold and we both come inside our jeans and with keep the pressure tight on each other and we are wrestling and grinding on each other. It’s a draw but who cares. We will wrestle again many more times.

  • Today the girls can wrestle just as good as the boys
    I think that is great

  • It's weird looking back over life. Some things we did in the innocence of childhood.

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