I'm 19 yrs old, I recently graduated h.s last year 2015! In between classes I had forwarded myself and moved up quickly to sign in for college classes my junior year. Nobody knew I never spoke on it or said a word is spend most of my high school days in school books reading writing essays doing power points being stressed stuck between a test for college and for h.s when I graduated I never spoke to my parents because family problems like everyone else. I started a internet job and worked from home I was silent no one knew where I got money from I did research and invested in stocks little by little money came there was a point where I had 10,000 deposited into my bank account and I was quiet. The day of my graduation my parents weren't around the same day I had already leased my own apartment I kept up with school and around late June I finished college with associates degree I didn't tell anyone yet. No one showed up to my college grad just me. Money kept over laping 10k became 20k then 50k I became a half expert on stocks I built my resume and got
Called to work for Microsoft office. I never said a word do I left to ny for a business trip here and there I got calls from old h.s friends who didn't go to college or didn't want to stick working at Walmart and fast food. I always told myself I wouldnt be that person. in a few months I saved up 50k I built my credit ever since my credit was at its highest being so young with my birthday just around the corner july10 I have my life together but I feel guilty in not happy because I feel I rushed too much into starting college too soon and knowing ways to make money and wanting to be the best I can in a few weeks I turn 20 I just bought my own car 4 days ago the most expensive I could get is a mercedez, majority of the time I'm alone parents never call to see how
I'm doing they still think I'm out doing the most with friends when in reality I'm here it feels darn good to be able to wear a suit have things that you worked for. Many people look at me and automatically think it's my
Parents money they think it's a joke to hear a 19 yr old wanting to buy a house that's my next goal I'm looking into homes money is still coming I'm a multitasker but I still feel bad inside. Should I connect with my family and show them all I've accomplished on my own mental capabilities or should I just chill out and live young don't rush into ambition and success. I've met people here and there that admire me but when I look in the mirror all I see is a young boy who wants it all day by day hour by hour I'm alone but I don't let it get to me. most of my high school crushes ignored me if I go back to my hometown one day I'm positive people will talk about the new me. make me feel worthless buy at the end of the day will I accept the same words from my family with hate and disrespect even though they'll want to use me for my money because to them I was just a kid up to no good because I was always shy and never had any sort of communication but little did they know I was a kid with 1k tricks and trigger points up my sleeve...

Jun 5, 2016

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  • Good for you, in working hard to aspire your life goals. Keep on striving and achieving them.Don't listen to anyone, who try to put you down. It's because they're jealous of you, because you had the courage and drive to take action, in regards to your ambitions.

    I hope you find love and happiness, you deserve to :)

  • Good luck. I hope you find love & satisfaction.

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