Younger guys

Although I'm straight I find young guys (like 18-22) really attractive. I like them on both sides of the spectrum-pretty, girly types, and also strong, hung, dominant types. I secretly fantasize about having a pretty twink blow me on command. I give nothing in return, just share my c**. On the other side, I fantasize about a strong, hung, dominant guy playing with my tiny wee wee and humiliating me for it. Slapping me in the face with his huge rock hard c*** threatening to make me suck it if I don't let him do what he wants to me.

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  • "i'm straight" but I fantasized about sucking guy's c***...that would make you NOT straight lol....someone is in denial.

  • Gay means you are attracted to, want, seek, desire, whatever you call it, relationships with members of the same s**.

    STR8 means all of the above witha member of the opposite s**.

    One can have s** with the same s** or the opposite s** and still not be gay or str8, though the act is often looked upon as str8 s** or gay s**.

    In short, s** can just be s**, as in, getting off. It doesnt define your orientation.

    Got it, dumbass?

  • I'm not 18-22, but I would totally slap you in the face with my c*** and humiliate you. You would love me. You would never be able to get enough of me. Never.

  • How old are u?

  • The only thing I take issue with in what you said is this: "I'm straight". LOL. You are SOOOOO gay. :) Not that there's anything wrong with that......

  • No I'm not. You obviously have no understanding of what being gay means.

  • F*****

  • F U ( K U closest F A G

  • F*** you closet f**

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