I never thought I'd contemplate getting a divorce. I can honestly say, I wish I would of waited on getting married. Everything I'm currently feeling just confirms it. Right now, I feel numb. This is all too much. One would assume that being a new husband & father that I'd feel like the luckiest & be the happiest man in the world, but I don't. I find myself...unsatisfied. The type of marriage that I'm in is not what I envisioned when I fantasied about the married life. These days, I find myself feeling better alone. I find myself thinking about when I was single. My wife & I are just on two different accords when it comes to things & the stress/pressure over the initiation of s** has really put a strain on our relationship. I feel like my wife does not want nor desire me. I always question if she does. I need s**, we rarely have it. I like aggressive women, who show that they want me physically, but my wife is too passive. Sometimes I feel like I'd be more sexually compatible with an Aries, Leo or Sag woman. She's a Pisces, the type that wants the man to initiate everything. I like a woman to spark it up, then the Aries in me will want to dominate & takeover shortly after that initial indication of desire. Add a new baby, crazy work & school schedules & it intensifies the division. At this rate & with this quality of life, this will not be sustainable or have any longevity. Our 5th month anniversary was this past Wednesday, she said nothing. Today is Saturday. Yes, I could of said something but honestly, I wanted to see if she would acknowledge, I wanted to see if it was important to her. However, the day just went by. I don't want to get to the point to where I stop caring & trying, because once I do, the relationship is pretty much done. I'm reaching that point more & more everyday. With the way things have been going, I will wake up one day & request a divorce without looking back. My wife is not a terrible individual or wife. But at times, I really question whether or not she is the right one for me. Sometimes I feel like I should just be alone. Like, this relationship stuff isn't meant for me. I was engaged once to someone else before I got married to my wife. I called off that engagement & left the entire situation. You want to know the scariest part about that is? I'm starting to realize that I feel the same exact way now that I did back then before I left that situation. But I'll just continue to live, take it day by day. Because ultimately, time is the only thing that reveals the truth...

Mar 19, 2016

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  • Marriage is a waste of time

  • This is something you two need to talk about. She might not realize her behavior is putting this relationship at stake. I also notice some miscommunication. Talk to her.

  • Regret is your wording sculpture. You weren't ready for marriage and still aren't kiddo your scared and imagined things differ now that you see reality and your mistake of rushing it piled up on you. Your choices are rather self drawn than self taught you can make the best choice you think can be made but at the end of the day your screaming inside your self you still wish somewhere in there you would be appreciated now you just realized how different things would've been with the other Woman whom you called off the marriage with. That's where your heart is at go follow whatever you feel before regret eats you up completely alive

  • You've been married for 5 months? And you have a baby? So how long were you with this girl before getting married. Because you are looking for her to change who she is.. maybe you didn't really know who you were marrying in the first place. Marriage doesn't necessarily change who you are marrying. If she was passive about s** prior to getting married, she's not going to be suddenly aggressive once she is married. Sounds like you are very naive with relationships, marriage, and just being an adult. You also sound extremely selfish. It's you you you. And you think quitting and divorce is the answer and for you to find someone with a compatible astrological sign. Has she ever initiated s** before with you? If she hasn't, then you have to tell her what you need or would like for her to do or try. And if she does, never say that you're busy or she'll view it as rejection. Stop thinking that divorce or walking away is your answer. Grab your wife and get into couples counseling asap. Because if you don't deal with whatever you're running from or thinking what's wrong with this relationship ..you will be forever running from every relationship to come. Because it takes two and you are equally responsible for the what's wrong as she is in this. People even soulmates are not mind readers. If you are so unhappy in your marriage, your wife is probably equally unhappy - but maybe about other things that you are not even looking at. Speak up. And for a woman to forget an important date- that's very strange. But the fact that you didn't speak up - that's just childish. Maybe she's got baby brain and suffering from lack of sleep. Stop being passive.

  • That sucks! I dated a Pisces before, boring as s***! S** life was non existent as well! I have dated an Aries once and that was amazing! I know what you mean by that - however, you have kids so try your best to make it work; spice it up/ role play, plan an outdoor hike together, whatever might start her up again! Get a babysitter and take her out! Best of luck!

  • Have you tried talking to her? Being 100% open without attacking her but just expressing your feelings and concerns? You two could compromise on a few things but maybe she was waiting for you to say something first. Maybe she wants the same exact things you do but as you said, she's too passive to ask for it or initiate it. Be honest, you're an Aries, that's your greatest strength! Encourage her whenever she does something right for you and she will continue to do so. For example: "I love it when you do this for me. It makes me feel lucky."

    However, if you've done everything you can do. If you truly fought for your marriage and it still isn't going well or making you happy... the best thing to do is to call it off.

  • Maybe you're right - marriage isn't for you. So why keep trying if you're terribly unhappy? Divorce is definitely the beginning of a better life for a number of people and maybe you're one of them. Good luck.

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