I have been in sexless marriage for years and wife has no desire but is very dominant and I have had to use p*** to make up for lack in bedroom now I only get handjob and wife has no libido I began to eroticise her dominance and FLR and get off from her denial this led me down slippery slope of feeling cuckhold and non deserving and inadequate and more p*** sent me to sph humiliation feminization and now fantasies of wife wanting alpha male me being beta and then the bi cuck came next then sissy then pegging which she won’t do yet but will role play some with me but not volunteering on any level it’s like miss t says Now that I crave a woman forcing me my wife to sup another man or phone on or the man because she’s making me an order to see or touch her to lick your p**** that is extremely Erotic for me I’m in a crazy place definitely went down the rabbit hole try to sort it out s****** p*** also made me desire the male p**** but not the male

May 20, 2021

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  • I caught my wife in bed with her ex, I tried to kick his ass but I got my ass kicked, she told me to just leave so I went to leave and realized my car keys were in the room. I couldn't go back in to get them so I sat on the step thinking he would be leaving but nope they picked up where they left off so I had to sit there and and to them having great s**. Now when I come home and see his car in the driveway I just turn around and go kill some time. It sucks but I love her.

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