Taboo sexual desires

Im feeling dirty and disgusted with myself because of a desire to have s** with a friends dog after seeing it aroused and how big it was. I searched on the net for videos and after watching a few with girls and their pets, i was even more intrigued because I got so h****. I try so hard not to think about it but I just cant seem to stop myself drifting away and imagining what it would be like. Has anyone else had the same desire as me and if you have, did you actually do anything about it and was it what you thought it would be like if you did it ?



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  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • Omg, I watched this women have her dog jump on her and get her and I can't stop thinking about it and it was huge and so much c** !!!! And she was saying no the whole time.

    It' freaking me out because i know i'm going to do it i'm crazy i think

  • You are a good b****, I want to watch you.

  • I think I should relate my first experience with my dog here at the age of 17. I was home alone in my room with my dog, a mix between a German shepherd and something else. I was watching T.V., when Maze (that’s his name) came in running with his tongue sticking out and salivating: the obvious sign of hunger. So I went to store, opened up a can of dog food, and put it on his doggie plate. I was sitting with my legs spread out, so my p**** was more opened than usual.
    I grabbed some of his food and rubbed it on my thighs. My dog came to clean up, licking my thighs in a very pleasurable way. I removed my little shorts along with my panties. I then spread my legs and started masturbating as I rubbed some food all over my wet p****. Maze came in and began to lick. “Ahh,” I moan in pleasure. Maze’s quick tongue movements massaged my little p**** and I began to c** on his face. Now I was h**** as h***! I got up, spread some more food, and lay back with legs spread. I nervously stick some of it into my p**** hole. This time real deep and he started the licking, thrusting his long rough tongue in my v*****. I moaned loudly as it felt so good!
    I get an idea, and I turned over and got in all fours. He licked my butt hole thoroughly. Then he got on top of me. I could feel his d***, hard and a little wet, found my p**** slit. With no second thought, he started thrusting his erect c*** me into my p****. At first, it hurt a little. I yelled in pain but then I got comfortable with it. The good thing about dogs, is that they don’t get tired for a long time. Even though his d*** was not all the way in, he kept giving me o****** just for lasting so long. It felt good! Finally, I decided to pull out, and crawled under him. I put his d*** in my mouth and started licking it. Soon, he spilled a hot liquid all over my face, and I let the boy go.
    I was still very h****.

  • You are a good b**** I want to watch you

  • Animals CANNOT CONSENT, obviously, because they can't communicate with humans. It's the whole joke of the mental gymnastics that desperate, pathetic, DISGUSTING losers have to do.......they lie to theirselves, that just because an animal or a kid can be sexually aroused against their understanding of what is going on, that this translates as consent or mutual desire......WHICH ISN'T THE CASE.
    Only pedophiles and animal rapists 'believe' s*** like this because they have to because if they realized that they are human vomit they would probably do the only thing they should be doing, which is killing theirselves. Sexually depraved human slop can't get off unless they're raping women, raping kids or raping animals.

  • I enjoyed the life for decades. I have never read or heard a woman say they regret anything about it. Started as a dare I didn't think it could be done. My husband had me submit to our two German shepherds the first time, and I was hooked. While coupled with the knot waiting for it to shrink I sucked my husbands raging member.

  • No you didn't you lying f****** IDIOT hahahahahah

  • If it's just the big c*** that you like I would get a big d**** or something, I don't think s** with animals is okay.

  • I am with it for more than 10 yrs and always enjoy every bit of penetration, strokes and jamming my c*** just before he comes as the knot swells inside me throbbing against my g-spot! I reach o****** as soon as jets of his hot c** hit my cervix with initial burning sensation!! Mine is a lab, 78 kg, big c***...

  • You're raping an animal. Kill yourself.

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