I sucked his.......

Last week I was at a night club and I started talking to some guy (he wasn't hot). After talking to him for a while he told me he was a famous rapper and he was shocked I had never heard of him. After hearing he was famous a agreed to go to his hotel room for the night. When I got there I stripped and sucked his d*** in the shower. Afterwards I agreed to have a*** with him (I only did this because I thought he was famous). After he f***** me in my ass he told me he wasn't famous, this made me lose my s*** and I nearly left but then he said he was joking and if I stayed with him for the night I could go on his yacht. So I googled his name and nothing came up, at this point it was obvious he wasn't famous. But I f***** him again anyway because he had a big d***. I feel stupid that I believed him but I do not regret giving him head or riding him because if he was really was famous that would off been really good for me.

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  • You're a serious moron. You deserve every STI he gave you.

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