Incident 1959

Here I am nearly seventy regretting something I did fifty-seven years ago.

I was twelve and a seven-year-old boy who lived across the street and whom I considered a pest came over to my grandparents house while I was visiting there.

My grandparents lived on a farm in the middle of a very rural county. It was summer time and some black girls and some black boys were picking the blackberries that grew in the fields. This was a happy time for them as they enjoyed the berries and the time spent with their friends. I was white although I was friends with these black kids.

Ok over comes this boy I considered a pest. I told him to go home but he refused. I got mad and I pantsed him. His only clothing was a pair of shorts.

I'll give him this. He hung on for dear life trying not to be stripped naked but after awhile his grip failed and off came his pants.

I was not satisfied with this so I ran with his shorts while he tearfully chased me in a vain attempt to get his shorts back.

The little black girls and boys stopped picking the berries to watch this. They thought it was funny as H*** especially the girls. They ran beside him pointing at his private parts and his rear end and giggled with their hands on their mouth seeing the poor kid crying like he was.

The black boys were dancing around like blacks do when they think something is funny.

My grandmother seeing this made me give his pants back and then she told the boy to go home which he did very tearfully.

My grandmother didn't do anything about it just told me I had been mean.

The kids ordeal wasn't over. I had given his pants back to him and he had put them back on but as I was watching him go home a black girl of size pulled them down again.

This last pantsing again brought gales of laughter from the other kids.

I went to the house so I really don't know how this ended up.

My grandparents sodl the house and they moved into town and for many years I let the memory of this act fade away.

As I grow older though the memory bothers my conscience adn I wish I could say I'm sorry.

Looking for him on the internet revealed that he worked for a fuel company until he retired. He has children and grandchildren.

I hope he has forgotten the mean minded boy who pantsed him and the other pantsing he got.

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  • If you can live into old age and that is your only regret, you have not led a bad life at all. If only others could say they had done as little harm in their lives.

  • We do cruel thongs as kids

  • The black boys were dancing around like blacks do when they think something is funny.

    Racist much?

  • Shut up and drink your Starbucks, little white SJW.

  • Not really. I've been to many areas of the country and when I see a group of blacks laughing they do some dancing around. I think its cultural and theres nothing wrong with it.

  • Get it of your chest.

  • It was mean, but I've seen worse; and you did teach him to not trust people. Mean kids suck

  • But they fly really well if you kick them hard enough!

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