Thinking about old times

So when I was married, my wife and I would go hang out at a friends house. The four of us (me, my wife, my friend and her husband) would play cards, drink, have a good time.

One night we were grilling out. Me and Derek were out back grilling steaks and chicken. I said, "We should try and get the girls to have s**. Get drunk and see what we can get them to do. What do you think?" Derek said, "Aimee would probably go for it. What does Sarah think?" I said, "H*** I dunno. Never asked." So we ate and then started playing cards after the kids went to sleep.

Teams were always me and Derek vs Sarah and Aimee. Everyone has their drink of choice. Losers of a hand had to do a shot regardless of whether they had just drank or not. Several shots later I just come out and say it. I say, "You two ladies ought to kiss." Aimee says, "We will kiss if you suck Derek's c***." I say, "Wow, how is that fair?" Sarah says, "Yeah. You do that and we will kiss." Now I'm not against it. I have had gay encounters before but I have no idea if Derek is for that kinda thing or not. I say, "Not just a peck on the cheek either." Aimee says, "If you suck his d***, we will make out. Tongue and everything." She looks at Sarah and says, "Sound good?" Sarah said, "Yeah I'd be ok with that."

I look at Derek expecting a no way in h*** look or comment. He looks at me, pulls down his pajama pants and says, "A b****** is a b******. I'm game." He actually has a nice c***. Thick but not unhinge your jaw thick. About 7 or so inches. I decide that I'm gonna call Derek's bluff and Sarah and Aimee's bluff. I scoot my chair out. I get on my knees between Derek's legs. I wait a second and then I start sucking his d***. Derek says, "Oh man. That feels pretty good." Aimee says, "Oh s***. He is actually doing it!"
I don't do it just for a few seconds. Derek pulls off his tshirt. I was wearing just some basketball shorts anyway. No tshirt. I take off my shorts. We are both now completely naked. I'm sucking his d*** and loving it. Derek has a hold of my head. I look out of the corner of my eye. The girls are sitting side by side. Sarah says in a soft voice, "That's actually pretty hot." Aimee says back, "Uh huh." They start kissing.

I don't pay much attention because I am actually enjoying giving a b****** while our wives watch. About 10 minutes later and Derek is telling me he is about to c**. I keep sucking. I swallow his load. Once he is done, we both look over at the girls. They are full on making out. Sarah has a hand on Aimee's face and the other playing with her now exposed breast. Aimee has her hand down Sarah's silk pajama pants fingering her p****.

What happened next week in a different post


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  • I would love to see my husband do this, I have spoken to my friend and she agrees. We are going to try and set it up. We are secret lesbian lovers

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