Secret craving

I'm a married man in northern Illinois. I've been married 10 years. My wife and I own our house. About 6 months ago a new neighbor moved in. From the looks of it, just a single man. He appears to be about 10 years older than I am.

Shortly after he moved in he came to the door. I was in the shower and my wife answered. He asked if I was home and he wanted to ask me a question. My wife said she would see if I was available. I was just done with my shower and was drying off. I told her to tell him to come inside and give me a few minutes. I put on some basketball shorts and went into the living room. I asked what was up. He said he needed some help running some wiring and wanted to know if I could help.

So I told my wife I was gonna go see what I could do to help. I put on a shirt and we went over to his house. We were running wires and hooking up various electronics. I was standing up and he was on his knees. It didn't even dawn on me but my crotch was very near his face. He said, "Mmm, you smell good." His face was very close to my c*** but not touching. He said, "You ever play?" I said, "Play what?" He said, "With other guys?" I said, "Not for a pretty long time.

He grabbed the bottom of my shorts and started to pull them down. I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "Taking these off of you." I said, "And why would you do that?" He said, "So I can suck your d***." I said, "Oh. Ok then." He took off my shorts and put my c*** in his mouth. Man it was a damn good b******. Shortly after he was done I noticed it was about lunch time. I told mark that I would need to head home to get dressed and head to my mother in laws house. He asked if I wanted to exchange numbers. I said sure.

Every day for about 3 days I thought about that b******. Then the following Monday I was home alone during the day. I was off. Wife was at work. I texted mark, "Hey. What's up?" He said, "Not much. Just playing some PlayStation. What's up?" I said, "I'm not one to do this normally but..." He said, "You wanna come over?" I said, "Yes pls."

I went over and he hugged me. He put his arms around me and we started kissing. He undressed me as kissed. He slipped off my pants and sucked my d*** as I stood here. I held his head as he gave me another amazing b******. He then suggested we go to his bedroom. He sat on the bed and I got on my knees and sucked his d***.

Didn't realize that I had truly missed sucking d***. It had literally been 13 years years since I had sucked d*** and that was in high school. From junior high through graduation I had s** with a few guys. I was bisexual through high school and everyone knew it. I almost went to prom with another man but he wasn't able to make it.

He wanted to suck my d*** but I didn't want to stop so we layed on our sides and 69d. He was first to c**. He came in my mouth and I gladly swallowed. My first time swallowing c**. I very much enjoyed it. Then he went to work sucking me off. Man he gives a great b******. He kept sucking me after I came. I was very sensitive but he kept going anyway and eventually I came again. Once we were done we both got dressed. I asked what his work schedule was like. Luck has it that we have similar work schedules. Both off Sunday and Monday. Both work nights wed through Friday.

So I text him the next day. We have some more fun. I text him 2 days later. More fun. Saturday night he asks when I get off work. I tell him around 9pm. He says, "Come on over when you get off work." I said, "I won't be clean FYI." He said, "We can shower together."

That night after the shower, he is on top of me and we are kissing. I pull my legs up and he presses his c*** to my a******. It feels very good. He says, "You wanna?" I said, "Yes baby." He grabs some lube and lubes his c*** then fingers my a******. Then he slides his c*** into my a******. It hurts at first but then feels so good. I flip over onto my hands and knees. He gets on his knees behind me. He slides his c*** back into my ass and slowly pumps. I start pushing back and moaning. I'm really enjoying this. I hear myself totally sound like a woman while I'm being f*****. He's f****** me hard. Just pounding my ass. Then he says, "I'm gonna c** soon." I said, "C** in my p**** baby." He pumps another few times then I feel his c*** throb as he emptied his load inside me.

His first month living in his new house he and I had s** 13 times. He has been there about 6 months and we have s** 3 times a week every week. Wife has no idea. She just thinks I have an electronics and sports buddy.

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  • I am married but like to play too. There is something about being f***** by another man that is just amazing. That being said, you are playing way too close to home. You better be prepared for this to blow up.

  • Right, either she does not care or she is one dumb wife. I would have this figured out in a minute.

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